Marta Cygan

Many things have changed for the younger generations, especially when it comes to tech and how it’s used. For a lot of people, they never imagined sharing what they ate that day with tons of online followers, nor did they think they’d be spilling their personal moments and thoughts to tons of strangers they’ve somehow been lucky enough to connect with online. Thanks to the popularity of social media (and the ever-evolving way it’s being used), there is little that stays private and Marta has not been shy about sharing her passion and causes that are important to her.  Let’s dig a little deeper and learn more about this fast-rising influencer.

French Fashion Blogger

Marta is a 30-year-old fashion blogger who was born in Poland. She openly speaks in interviews and on social media about splitting her time between Paris and Los Angeles. She has a love for travel and fashion that gives her plenty of great material to post online. In an interview with The Edit on Bloglovin’, she talked about how she studied International business and worked in the music business for a while. Her travels as part of that were what inspired her to eventually take all the great shots she was getting and make something out of them.

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This seemingly random move has paid off big, and is a great lesson for those looking to take control of their future and create their own life: following the gut is usually a good move.  It’s authentic, and people who are meant to find you eventually will.

Life of Boheme

All those photos she took while traveling would eventually become the blog, Life of Boheme. She has mostly used the blog to share off magazine-ready shots of her showing off her favorite clothing and accessories. She favors a classy style that is on full display on social media, and definitely has that Paris touch.

Life of Boheme

While one can still see some posts at, most of the content is now featured on the platform Bloglovin’. She is a woman of few words on the site, preferring to let the imagery speak for itself. The cool thing about her shots is that she favors an outdoor aesthetic. Whether she’s exploring the streets of LA, hanging at a favorite French café, or just taking in some new sights while traveling, you’ll rarely see an indoor shoot.

  • Age: 30 years old
  • Born: Poland
  • Blog: Life of Boheme
  • Lives: Paris

She’s become so popular in the industry, that she was named PopSugar’s “The 28 Most Stylist French Girls to Follow on Instagram. She also gave an extensive interview on French style don’ts on Who What Wear, and chatted Paris must-sees with

Marta Cygan Instagram

Life of Boheme

Marta has made the biggest impact on Instagram, where she has attracted over 89 thousand followers. Not surprising, as her vibe and preferred medium (photography) is perfect for the image-based platform. She does more than just show off travels and style, though. In a couple of very personal posts, she expressed her pride in a friend of hers who recently went to work as a psychologist in the orphanage that was once her friend’s home. In that same post, she expressed her support of @corazondevida, who helps provide for children living in orphanages. You can also find Marta on Twitter as @LifeOfBoheme, although it’s little-used.

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