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Lucy Williams of Fashion Me Now is an influencer known for her unique approach to swimwear. Her personal style combines stripes, greys, whites and navy that will create an endless supply of outfit variations.

Fashion Me Now

Fashion Me Now effortlessly mixes the relaxed look along with high end luxury pieces, plus, for good measure: globetrotting adventures.

How did she get Fashion Me Now started? Originally it was her own personal mood board. When she was in university, there was no Pinterest or Instagram, so during her intern years the website served as her inspiration. Once upon a time, of course, it all started with a blog. She could share images that inspired her, as well as images she enjoyed. It was essentially an outlet for her creativity. Then she started including more personal posts.

When she opened up personally, her audience numbers started to increase, and they were hungry for you. That’s when Lucy started posting more frequently, and found herself working with brands on projects. Eventually, she found herself leaving her job to turn blogging in to a full-time role.

With the blog, she can talk about all of the things that she loves, her values, her travels, plus, she gets to work with seriously big brands. In fact, she’s even worked with Missoma on a jewelry collection! The collection contains 25 pieces, and were created as total must haves for the summer. They are delicate and modern, the perfect choice for heading out on vacation.

She created her own dream job, one that didn’t exist when she first started out. What Lucy understands perhaps more than most of us, is that even when you’re buying a luxury piece- the key is longevity. Not the longevity that allows you to store it safely in your cupboard for years to come, but in that you can wear it proudly for years to come.

Smells like home in London today ✨

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Lucy Now

Lucy has some notable credentials in the industry now, with her travel, fashion, and lifestyle tips and ideas she has an added dimension as an influencer. She has a timeless style, and her tone is natural, all of which makes her blog the destination for inspiration, not to mention the stunning photograph.

The blog has evolved, though, as it now includes travel diaries, beauty posts, and of course personal outfits. Don’t worry, you’ll still find the shopping and inspirational features that got Fashion Me Now started.

She dedicated her early career to, as well as InStyle, and Stylus. Yet, blog life surpassed those opportunities and provided Lucy with the chance to chase her dreams. Now, in addition to blogging full time, she is a brand consultant and freelance writer. You will also find that she is still collaborating with some major players in the travel, lifestyle, and fashion industries, including Free People, Maje,  Jimmy Choo, and J.Crew.

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