Lolli Swim debuted their 2018 collection with cotton candy skies, California love and palm tree dreams. The collection was shown along with the brand's first ever lingerie and footwear line. Sofia Jamora also presented a capsule collaboration with the brand's Stay Golden inspired collection. 

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Lolli Swim

Lolli Swim was founded in sunny state California by Vy Ngyuen in which she gets inspiration from sprinkly covered cupcakes, pink bows and bright colors. The designs are meant to be worn for the sweet girl next door. You will love their new cheeky bottoms in pastel colors, ruffles, criss cross tops, and sheer lingerie. The new lingerie shows a delicate sheer fabric and lace. Each guest left with one underwear from the collection, and of course it was "Pink".

The collection brought the zeitgeist of the 1960's with it's bra-less designs and full expression of body freedom. Some models walked with pasties and a bikini bottom, holding two serves of ice cream. Sofia Jamora's collection also showed the California dream vibe in pink bikini sets, psychedelic prints and hair bandeaus that characterized the era.

The invitees were received with glitter cotton candy, Lolli's exclusive sweaters and pool floats around the runway. The presentation had a fun and feminine vibe, with the models wearing soft curls, braided details, soft makeup with pastel hues and glitter. Lolli Swim Stay Golden collection is inspired in the beach babe and California girl. The collection has a bohemian vibe and will make you want to groove with it at your next pool party.

The new 2018 resort collection featured vintage florals, soft velvet fabrics, feminine silhouettes, minimal coverage, embroidery, shades of pink and pastel hues. The models also walked the runway showing the brand's new footwear line were each guest went home with Lolli sandals. According to one Bikini Luxe's team, the sandals were really comfortable.

Lolli Swim One Piece

Lolli Swim One Piece

The best part of the entire Lolli Swim collection is their one piece retro bathing suits. Lolli's swimwear comes with embroidery details and 1960s inspired prints. The Lolli Swim one pieces are steal revealing with their wide opne front. 

Lolli Swim Bow Bottom

Lolli Swim Bow Bottom

The bow bottoms is a staple Lolli Swim continues to show during her runway shows. This trend will continue strong during 2018 and it's a classic. The bow bottoms have a cheeky coverage and it comes in pastel hues.  

Sofia Jamora looked super cute and innocent while presenting a swimwear collaboration called SOF for Lolli inspired in vintage and hippie vibes. The models looked like hippies with their free spirited attitude and friendly personality. They all showed the designs with a smile and that girly vibe of "Girls Just Want to Have Fun".

Lolli Swim Models

Lolli Swim 2018

  1.  Sofia Jamora
  2. Liz Rankey
  3. Leah Rose
  4. Yovanna Ventura
  5. Fiona Barron
  6. Paige Watkins
  7. Tyrie Rudolph
  8. Sofia Jamora
  9. Sarah Elainne
  10. Amanda Li-Paige
  11. Lisianne Witt
  12. Placida Csapo
  13. Sarah kohan
  14. Olivia Brower
  15. Lina Shek
  16. Andrea cronberg
  17. Kelsi Kuhn
  18. Shannon Barker


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