Leonie Hanne is a fashion influencer on the rise. If you’re into classic, feminine style, you’re going to watch to check her out. She runs the site Ohh Couture, a business inspired by her love of fashion and shopping. She’s also an example of someone who follows her passion, something that is sure to be an inspiration in a time when the internet has opened up so many doors for people to live their dream. Want to learn more about her? Read on, and then connect with her on social media.

Leonie Hanne

Leonie Hanne

According to the About page of Ohh Couture, she didn’t start off working for herself. She actually began her career in the Textile industry, where she earned recognition for her abilities from a German Textile journal. Ultimately, though, she decided to scrap the safe corporate career and follow her dreams. That led to the creation of Ohh Couture in 2014 and her blog. She also models and styles others for shoots. Yes, she’s a multi-talented influencer.

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She knows when to get help as well, working with Alexander Galievsky, who handles the Finance part of the business and the editorials. He also handles a lot of the photography. Her site and influence has grown so much, she’s partnered with some of the biggest and most iconic brands in the industry, and she’s been able to travel the world in the process. Who says dreaming big and risk taking can’t pay off? It seems to be a common factor amongst the most successful artists and influencers out there.

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The site sells cute, stylish outfits that are perfect for summer, as well as shoes, bags, swimwear, sunglasses, and more. Check out ohhcouture.com to learn more about it and find your latest style must-have.

Her travel section shows her journeys to places such as Burano, Los Angeles, and others. Post is accompanied with some amazing shots that are reminiscent of the style she uses on her Instagram, which shows her social media savvy. Consistency is considered key. Her Paris blog shows off some favorite places and products that she discovered there, including Girl of Now. This was a fragrance by a company she connected with at the Paris

Ohh Couture

Ohh Couture

Her site and style have attracted the attention of Harpers Bazaar, Glamour Spain, Elle, and Who What Wear, among others. She’s also been featured on toryburch.com and influencerdb.net. The latter called her out for her huge following and understanding of her audience. She also did an interview with lookbook.nu where she discussed her childhood fashion choices and how her travel adventures began right after high school.

  • Birthday: July 31st
  • Blog: Ohh Couture
  • Favorite place: Italy


With over one million followers, Instagram is the best place to connect with Leonie. One her @ohhcouture account, she talks her favorite brands, travel, and her latest news. Many of these are illustrated with pictures of her in unique places, or with her favorite people.
On Twitter, she goes by @ohhcouture as well, and is followed by over one thousand users. On Facebook, you can find her by searching for Ohh Couture, and join over 23 thousand people who have liked her page.

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