Lauren Indvik is a fashion freelance journalist. She has made a splash in the fashion industry and has a long list of accomplishments under her belt. Having overcome personal limitations she has carved out as successful career as a freelancer.

 Lauren Indvik

Fashion Journalist

Having attended Sage Hill, Lauren was inspired to move to New York and begin a fashion freelance journalism career after her counselors encouraged her to live in New York City and study at Dartmouth College. Lauren went on to graduate with honors from the school, where she earned a Bachelor of Art in English. She also has a Bachelor of Arts in History from the University of Pennsylvania. In addition, she attended Northwestern University, where she studied Journalism.

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Despite her shyness, Lauren has appeared on TV networks such as NPR, Bloomberg TV and CNN. She has also served as a commentator on the Today Show. In 2014, Folio Magazine named Lauren among the top women in the media.

Fashionista Editor-in-Chief

Though originally based in New York City, in 2016, Lauren made the decision to move her life to Europe. As a result, she has made contributions to media outlets such as In Style, Billboard and the Hollywood Reporter. Lauren has also contributed to Refinery29 and even the New York Times. Forbes, Fashion Theory and Fast Company are also publications she has contributed to. She also served as the Editor-In-Chief of Fashionistas.

Fashion Shows

Lauren went to the 2016 Fashion Weeks in Paris and London. While at those shows she reported on designers such as Dior, Burberry, Givenchy and Chanel. Part of her work in these cities also covered London’s 10 best vintage clothing shops.

Candid Talk

Though she is very successful as a fashion freelancer, Lauren has openly confessed that surviving as a freelancer living and working in Europe is difficult. She admitted to staying in AirBnBs or with friends while constantly searching for new freelancing work.

Social Media

Like most other young professionals, Lauren is active on social media. She can be found on Twitter @laureni, where she has 23.8 thousand followers. Lauren is on Instagram @laureni, where she has 5,881 followers. She is on Facebook @indvik, where she has 631,010 followers. Lauren uses Facebook to share her articles with her many fans and readers.

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Lauren Indvik

In addition to her knowledge of fashion, Lauren also has a strong knowledge of retail as well. This has helped contribute to her success as a fashion freelance journalist. A woman of many talents, Lauren has overcome shyness to pave the way for women in media. She serves as an inspiration for any woman who may be struggling to make their own dreams come true. Lauren’s hard work and zest for life has helped her have a successful career others are jealous of. She climbed her way to the top of the industry by combining her interests in fashion, retail and journalism. Lauren will likely continue to work hard to blaze trails for women all over the world.

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