We all know how Lady Gaga breaks news about her fashion choices. This past New Year's day she posted a picture on her social media in a skimpy white bikini that caught the attention of her millions of followers. She also made the top news when she showed off her Sauvage Swimwear in South Beach. Steal her look and her likes with this awesome swimwear style.

How to Wear a Thong Bikini

White Sauvage Swimwear

Make sure your skin is smooth and spot free before wearing a bikini thong. You will need to exfoliate the skin in the shower. It is recommended to grab a bag of frozen peas and rub it along your skin to close the pores. 

Lady Gaga South Beach

Wear a cover-up that will enhance your curves. If you don't feel confident enough to show your bottoms, a cover-up will do the trick. You can still show off without displaying all your curves.  

Lady Gaga Sauvage

Wear heels that will compliment your outfit. You can take them off in the sand or leave them on like Lady Gaga did. A cute pair of heels will make the beach look more elegant.

Lady Gaga Bikini Sauvage

It is all about confidence and posture. Show your best posture when wearing this swimwear style. A hunchback is not sexy and will make your look completely irrelevant.

Lady Gaga White Sauvage Swimwear

Style it with accessories such as earrings and necklace. It is all about accessorizing your look with body chains and glitter tattoos. Be daring and wear something you will be remembered with. 

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