Laci Somers Bio

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Laci Kay Summers is a born and bred California girl who works as a model, actress and singer. This stunning beauty enjoys sports as much as the typical man does. In addition to her fashionable career as a model, actress and singer she is also a registered nurse. Before becoming a model, Laci was a ring girl and an MMA fight host.

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Social Media

She has modeled in magazines such as GlamRock and Playboy. Video footage of Laci’s first modeling job was the first video she ever posted on her YouTube channel. Started in 2010, the channel has become extremely popular. Fans can find her on YouTube @lacikaysomers, where she has 158,326 subscribers.

Laci-Kay-Somers Bio

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Her Music Career

Her YouTube channel includes video footage of her performing a song, with an accompanying guitar player. Other videos on her channel give her subscribers a glimpse into her travels and her personal life. Many of Laci’s hottest shots can be seen on her Instagram @lacikaysomers, where she has 7.4 million followers. Fans can also follow her on Instagram @Laci_Kay-Somers, where 7.7 million people already do. In addition, she can be found on Facebook @LaciKaySomers, where she has 390,448 followers.

With a passion for beauty, Laci makes it a point do her own makeup and hair whenever she has a photo shoot. In many of her photo shoots it becomes apparent how athletic she really is. Laci has done an excellent job of combining her passions in life and this is obvious every time she steps in front of the camera.

Laci-Kay-Somers Music

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As both a beautiful and successful woman, Laci has influenced many of her fans. She serves as a role model for young girls who want to embrace their inner beauty. Laci is a woman of many talents and she makes them all equal priorities in her life.

Through her website and her YouTube channel, Laci has taught her fans a lot about fashion and beauty. She makes it a point to stay connected with her fans by posting videos that they want to see.

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Continuing her career, it is likely that Laci will learn and grow even more than she already has. Through her efforts to inspire her fans she has shown women of all ages that they can be beautiful on the inside and the outside.

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Every outfit that Laci models shows off her curves and this can serve as inspiration for other women who want to copy her style. Laci can help women further develop their style into something that represents them as a person. She has done a lot to empower women and make them feel like can achieve anything. Women like Laci are open and honest about their lives in a way that many people find to be refreshing. It is likely that she will continue to inspire women to continue discovering themselves. Laci has helped many women since she began her career. As she continues to work as a model there is no doubt that she will excel in each new activity she tries.

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