Kristin Sundberg, a Swedish-born blogger, has turned herself into a style icon and social media influencer. Like many people these days, she’s taken her passion and drive and turned it into a business. That passion? Fashion and interior design. Through her blog (which has content in both Swedish and English), she shares inspiration with her fellow fashionistas. If you’ve ever drooled over something on the store rack, or love browsing the home section of your local department store, this influencer is someone that should be on your radar.

Kristin Sundberg

So who exactly is Kristin Sundberg? Read on to find out more about her website-turned-business and learn where you can follow her.

By Kiki 

Kristin has started off talking mostly about fashion and interior decorating on her Damernas Varld blog. Her elegant, yet still casual style has resonated with viewers and led her to be named as a favorite fashion blogger by the Girl Who Writes blog. They cited the universal nature of her style as one of the reasons she was singled out.
Glam Radar also took notice of the rising influencer, featuring her in a spread all about how to make your neutral outfits more stylish, showcasing a ton of her favorite looks. They also mentioned how her neutral style leaves a lot of room for creativity when putting together a look.


Besides that, Romy Ashley listed her as one of their style inspirations. They showcased a lot of looks, going from gym wear to move stylish outfits for when you’re out and about back in 2013. They also pointed out how her blog is very versatile, covering a wide range of topics.

Obviously, she’s mostly focused on her interior design ideas and clothing choices, but there is much more to her blog. She also focuses on her workouts, diet, and daily adventures. If studying some of these social media stars teaches anything, it’s the importance of showing one’s human side and letting people see what’s going on behind the scenes.

Kristin Sundberg Swimwear

Kristin may have risen to top influencer status mainly because of her style and carefully-curated content, but she’s shown she’s got a talent for more than just knowing good fashion: she’s making it, too. One of the highlights of the collection is her swimwear, which features sporty cuts, skimpy bottoms, and they come in both solid and patterned designs.

Kini Swimwear

There’s more to the collection than swimwear, though. features elegant solid dresses in classic cuts that are perfect for a night out. In contrast, the line also features casual t-shirts, and jeans. Still not enough? There are also silk tops, denim skirts, and trumpet sleeve tops.

  • Career: Lifestyle blogger
  • Born: Sweden
  • Current City: Vancouver
  • Instagram : @KristinSundberg
  • Blog: ByKiki
  • Swimline: Kini Swimwear

Kristin Sundberg Workout

In a Q&A on her website, Kristin talked a bit about social media and how to attract people to your brand. She believes that putting out quality content is key (no out of focus pics just to say you posted something), and sticking with a theme. She says her strategy has sent a lot of traffic to her blog, so she seems to be doing something right! One look at her social tells you that she’s taking that seriously. Her account has a dreamy, nature-heavy vibe that also shows off her energy and passion for what she does. You can check it out for yourself by following @kristinsundberg with over 500 thousand other users.

You can also check out her YouTube account (Kristin Sundberg) for workout challenges, travel vlogs, and a look at what she eats in a day. Her videos have generated over ninety thousand views and attracted over one thousand subscribers.

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