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Sometimes, a person has a “a-ha” moment that changes their life in an unexpected way. It doesn’t have to be a huge earth-shaking event that happened. Sometimes, it can be something as simple as hearing a certain phrase, or seeing something on television. Sometimes, all it takes is a random thought to flip that switch on. For Korin, it was the latter.

She goes into detail on her blog about having a moment where, in the face of a breakup, she realized that every girl should have the special breakup dress that she uses to make herself feel good and show what the guy is missing. That one random thought made her go home and create her blog. If you haven’t seen Ya Salam, or checked out her style yet, get ready to learn!

Korin Avraham

Korin is an Israeli blogger whose love of fashion goes back a long way. On her “why ya salam” page, she talks about how a memory of a childhood insistence on wearing a favorite outfit to her kindergarten graduation ended up naming her new blog. The story shows off the spirit that is the backbone of how she expresses her love for style and beauty. Who can resist some positive energy, right?

Korin Avraham

According to her blog bio, she has an extension background and education in finance and law, each of which have helped her build and maintain Ya Salam since 2011. Besides being a busy blogger making the rounds of fashion events, she says she works for Marquer Agency as a visual brander. Advertising, business, and law knowledge? How could her venture not succeed?

Ya Salam Fashion Blog

As mentioned, the blog started in 2011 as a hobby that would allow Korin to express her love of all things fashion-related, as well as lifestyle and travel. It’s a popular, crowded niche, but she’s managed to set herself apart from the crowd and turn her hobby into a career.


Her work on the blog led a major publication to name the most popular Israeli blogger as well as being one of It Girls’ top five in the country. She’s also ranked highly among Instagrammers. She’s worked for big name brands and covered some of the biggest events in fashion.

The popular blog is divided into several sections: fashion, lifestyle, and branding. She illustrates each post with high-quality photography that adds to the story told. She encourages readers in one post to not wait until New Year’s or some other special occasion to make a plan or enjoy some champagne. Check yasalam.com to check her style.

Israeli Fashion

Korin Avraham

You’ve see how big an impact her blog has had in her area, and in the industry in general. This has spread to her @yasalamfashionblog account in Instagram, where she’s attracted over 52 thousand followers. Her account photos favor a lot of blues and greens, adding to a vibrant feeling. She adds in some interesting backdrops to make each image pop even more. She’s standing in traffic in one, lounging in water in another.

  • Lives: Tel Aviv
  • Career: Digital Marketer
  • Blog: Ya Salam

To follow her elsewhere, you can check her Twitter (@YaSalamBlog), or check Facebook (YA Salam – fashion blog) The former don’t get used much, but the latter is updated regular and has over six thousand likes.

Korin is always in an exotic place and taking fabulous pictures during her travels. We have selected our favorite picks from the week. Check the latest style and get ready for a trip to Tel Aviv.