How Much Do You Know About Kenza Zouiten?

More About Fashion Model Kenza Zouiten

Kenza is a 25 year old Swedish model, blogger and much more. She has been writing her blog for 10 years, though it started out as a way for her to share her life with fans and readers. It has since gone on to become Sweden’s top read blog. A year after she began writing it, the local media took notice. This led to interviews with Kenza on both radio and TV as well as fashion photo shoots.

By 16 Kenza was an entrepreneur running her own company in which she designed and launched the Jofama collection. She also went on to work for MTV as a VJ and was part of the broadcast team for several MTV European Music Awards shows.

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 Kenza's Rise To The Top

Kenza And Her H&M Collaboration

Her other professional endeavors have included a partnership with Elite Model Management, whom she is a client of, as well as several jewelry collections and the online TV show, Kenza & Tyra. In 2014 she was even a contestant on the Swedish version of Dancing with the Stars.

Thanks to a partnership with H&M, Kenza launched Ivy Revel, an online company that manufactures women’s clothing, swimwear and accessories such as shoes and handbags. The Ivy Revel brand was inspired by and for the current generation of fashion mavens and trendsetters. Though the brand has an overall feminine feel to it, there are also bold colors, designs and details used to catch even the most discerning eyes.

Fashion Influencer

More About Kenza Zouiten

In 2016 Ivy Revel was featured in the Bread & Butter fashion show in which models walked the runway in bohemian style clothing, elegant fur coats and knee high boots in gold. Kenza serves as the brand’s style manager and is involved in the production of every product released. Ivy Revel can be found on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Teen Vogue featured Ivy Revel on their website as an up and coming retailer where young women can get stylish clothes. They highlighted the 10 pieces of clothing from the brand that they felt teens would be the most drawn to.

Kenza Zouiten's  Social Media Following

Kenza Zouiten Instagram

With a large social media presence herself, Kenza Zouiten can be found on sites such as Instagram @kenzas, where she has 1.6 million followers. She can also be found on Facebook @kenzazouitenofficial and on Bloglovin @kenza-23.

By 2011, Kenza’s blog had reportedly earned her a total of 2.5 million SEK. The blog has grown since then to cover a wide variety of topics, including food & health, shopping, weddings and interior design. Since 2008 she’s been winning awards for her blog, including Blogger of the Year at the VeckoRevyn Blog Awards and Business Blogger of the Year in 2014. The next year she joined forces with her brother and her fiancé to support the H&M Group as the backer behind the Ivy Revel brand.

Successful Entrepreneur Kenza Zouiten

At such a young age, Kenza has already experienced more success than many people twice her age. She continues to inspire her fans and readers all over the world by providing them with luxury swimwear and fashionable clothing options they love.


 More About Kenza:

  • Born: April 21, 1991
  • Age: 26
  • Nationality: Moroccan & Swedish
  • Height: 5'5
  • Raised in Stockholm, Sweden

Awards and Accomplishments

  • Blogger of the year – VeckoRevyn Blog Awards 2008
  • Fashion blog of the year – Finest Awards 2009
  • Personal blog of the year – Finest Awards 2009
  • Fashion blog of the year – Aftonbladets stora bloggpris 2009
  • Fashion blog of the year – Finest Awards 2010
  • From blog to TV (Modelljakten @ Kanal 5) – Finest Awards 2011
  • Elite blog of the year – VeckoRevyn Blog Awards 2011
  • Best international blog – Bloglovin Awards New York 2012
  • Fashion blog of the year – Finest awards 2013
  • Personal blog of the year – Finest awards 2013
  • Best international blog – VeckoRevyn Blog Awards 2013
  • Most Influential Fashion blogger – Stylight Fashion Blogger Awards Berlin 2014
  • Business blogger of the year – VeckoRevyn Blog Awards 2014
  • Celebrity blog of the year – Finest Awards 2014
  • Look of the year – ELLE Awards 2015
  • Fashion blog of the year – Finest Awards 2015
  • The award of Honour – Finest Awards 2015
  • Represented at the Hall of Fame at Stockholm Arlanda Airport 2015
  • Blogger of the year – the Social Media Party 2015



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