Katrina Brodsky is a great example of diversifying yourself online. She’s a multi-talented social media influencer who runs the site Keller Rose, a popular online store for fashion, fitness, and more.  Also a model, she’s attracted a lot of attention that she’s credited with allowing her to collaborate with different brands in a variety of ways.

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Simple Living and a Surprising Golf Talent

Katrina talked about her lifestyle in GaloreMag.com, crediting a beach lifestyle with keeping her fit. She also shared her minimalist attitude toward beauty, something that’s still rare in a world where many people are trying to create the perfect image online. Like some others recently, she doesn’t like relying on makeup and opts for natural beauty.

This philosophy follows her into other aspects of her life, including her diet. While her love of yoga fits into this, there’s another activity she takes part in that may be a little surprising for a model and social influencer: golf. Katrina’s apparently becoming known for that as well. So much so, it’s one of the suggested search terms for her. She’s had features on golficity.com and other sites, praising her skills on the course. In fact, Golficity ranked her in their top five hot golf girls of Instagram. Earlier this year, she even got to take over the @forelinx account for the Genesis Open.

Fitness Is Key

Katrina doesn’t just believe in being active herself, she also has committed herself to helping others start on their own fitness journey. She announced on her site that she partnered with her Pilates trainer to design a program that is cheap to start and doesn’t require much more than you and your yoga mat. Well, and a resistance band. They designed the program for specific goals, and you can read more about it at kellerrose.tumblr.com. The program has attracted enough attention to be another popular search when looking for Keller Rose.

A search for her will help you to benefit from her own workout and diet secrets, as well as her favorites. She also talks about how her love of sports and being active has influenced her and her brand.

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Multi-talented at a Young Age

Besides being a model and active golfer, she’s also the creative mind behind her Keller Rose blog and a stylist. She has a design degree that has shaped her eye for fashion and creative directing. She uses her blog to show off what’s caught her eye.

Her Social Influence Through Instagram

Social Media is a crowded place with people screaming to be heard, but Katrina’s managed to make a name for herself on Instagram, where she’s known as @keller_rose. Her over 187k followers are loving her workout demos and other content. She shares her travel adventures, beach days, and models some of her favorite fashion finds. Fans can even get discounts on some of the products through the promo codes she adds to the captions. Besides that, she loves to show off the results of her workout program, as well as news about her blog and other projects. You can also find her on snapchat under the name keller_rose.

 Instagram: @keller_rose

Snapchat: keller_rose

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