With so many people out there looking to make their name in their profession, Kara del Toro is showing she’s got the talent and the perseverance to stand out from the crowd. Known for her famous 2015 Carl’s Jr. ad, this model has moved on to being part of the Surfing Magazine Swimsuit Issue in 2016, and pursuing a spot in the coveted Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue. She recently posted a video that she asked followers to help the powers that be see it.  The video was seen over 57 thousand times, and tons of followers chimed in to let the company know that she’s the only choice.

Kara Del Toro one piece swimsuit

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 Measurements: 37-24-36 in or 94-61-91.5 cm
Hair Color Light Brown
Eye Color: Hazel
Height: 5 Feet 8 inches or 174 cm
Birthday: January 1994
Sign: Capricorn
Birthplace: Los Angeles, California


The Basics - Instagram And More

She’s known as a model and social media personality who can often be seen on a red carpet, often showing off some of the hottest designs from companies like Guess, who she’s worked with a lot recently. The 25-year-old model is 5’7 and works with a variety of agencies, such as Elite Model and Numero Model.

She’s a Texas girl who represented Team Mexico in the Carl’s Jr. ad’s TexMex battle to figure out whether the burger in question was a Texas burger or a Mexican one. The ad created a little bit of controversy and landed her an interview with FOX news, where she talked about her background a bit and how unpredictable her profession can be.

Because of her job, she’s also an avid traveler, who shows off her adventures on social media. She also calls out The Crystal Bible as one of her favorite books in a GQ interview, a somewhat surprising choice.

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Using Her Fame For Good Causes

Between all the typical posts you’d expect to see, Kara tries to help make a difference with her profile. The link on her Instagram account points one to a charity that helps animals, to start with. She’s also called the organization out in posts on her account, one being a call to action for users to help several animals who were in urgent need of a home. She’s also occasionally retweeted posts asking for help for different animals who were in need of medical attention.

As part of her work with GUESS, she participated in a photo shoot promoting a denim day designed to spread awareness for victims of sexual assault, an initiative started by the organization called Peace Over Violence.

Kara del Toro one piece swimsuit

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Social Reach

Like many of today’s current social media stars, Kara’s primary home is on Instagram (@karajewelll), where she shares content with over 365 thousand followers. It’s where she is most active, and she is unique in that she’s regularly engaging her following, and not just to get votes or promote a cause/project. She asks for recommendations for vacation spots and Netflix binge material.

Kara Del toro in red swimsuit

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Between all that, she shows off behind the scenes shots from her shoots, calls out friends, favorite brands, and even throws in a couple of funny memes here and there. One of her more common extras are spiritually-based material about the moon, the power of good thoughts, and stuff about energy from Abraham Hicks.

While she’s not as active on Twitter (@karadeltoro), she does post here and there to over 12K followers on the site. On Facebook (@karadeltoro), she’s got over 11K fans that were recently treated to some behind the scenes action on a recent Frankies Bikini shoot.

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