Jennifer Grace

Fashion blogging has become a popular thing in recent years, and there is no shortage of influencers stepping to share their OOTD snaps, or other favorite finds. In fact, some think that the field is getting flooded with people who are working with the same brands, making a lot of accounts like the same. With the flood of people eager to show off their skills on social media, however, you find that you’re able to find someone whose style and attitude you can connect with. And what’s not to love about people making their obsession into their income?

Jennifer Grace is one of those fashion mavens who’s stepped into the spotlight thanks to the huge platform Instagram has to offer and attracted the attention of tons of fashion lovers who are eager to see what the next editorial on her blog will be. Read on to learn more about Jennifer Grace, her style, and where to find her online.

Jennifer Grace Model

Jennifer is unique to some of the influencers out there, as she’s not primarily a model or fashion blogger. According to Next Management, she studied Fashion Merchandising & Design before getting into her current work on her blog. Following her completion on the program, she landed a job with a huge company.

Jennifer Grace

Also on her plate? She’s a designer, having worked with eLUXE and Mejuri. One of her pieces, the Boheme Spirit Choker was a collaboration with Mejuri that was featured as one of’s best chokers to buy now. It’s a surprisingly simple creation, given her bold fashion sense she displays on her blog, Native Fox.

Besides that, she’s worked with brands like Neiman Marcus, American Express, and others to promote different products on her social media. She’s so in-demand, she’s been featured in huge magazines like Elle and In Style.

She’s also a featured influencer with Next Management, and was a finalist for a Wells Fargo contest to select influencers who’d be featured in Locale Magazine San Diego. Another sign of her wide-reaching influence? She was called out by Carly Broome of the University of South Carolina’s Daily Gamecock as one of Broome’s fave Instagram style inspirations.

Jennifer Grace is Native Fox 

Jennifer Grace seems to be a woman of few words, if her blog is anything to go by. She lets the pictures do the talking as she takes fans on a journey to her favorite locations, usually only accompanied by a brief caption that will say where the photo was taken.

Jennifer Grace

Her fashion section is the same, showing off a funky style that ranges from extreme casual to extremely daring. Some of the shoes she displays are particularly unique. She also has a section for inspiration where she shows off art and other things. Need some ideas for that redecorating? You’re sure to find a few while browsing her blog. And the quality of the photography is stunning.

Full Name: Jennifer Grace 

Featured: Elle, InStyle & Cosmopolitan

Hair Color: Blonde

Model: Next Talent

Native Fox Instagram

The most obvious place to check out Jennifer’s unique style and vibe is her Instagram account, @thenativefox, which has nearly one million followers. You’ll not only find creative fashion shots, but some beautiful travel photography as well. She also has a @nativefox Facebook page with over 500K likes. Finally, you can find her on twitter as @TheNativeFox, which has over 12K followers.


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