A lot of photography lovers dream of making it their profession. Some have smaller goals, like a local business, while others dream of traveling the world to capture stunning images that fans will love. Jenah has made the latter a reality. Beginning with a Tumblr blog, she’s now an Instagram star and social media influencer.

Travel Bug

Jenah, who goes by the name Gypsy One, has always had a love of adventure and an eye for photography. She decided to take the plunge and start traveling with her boyfriend to capture their adventures on film. The well-traveled photographer quickly learned how to make sure she’s always prepared. A search for Jenah Yamamoto interview, one of the more popular searches, will help others with a wandering spirit benefit from her experience.

From Europe to the Islands, the 24-year-old Hawaii-native is always ready to explore a new place with her camera by her side. Some of her favorite destinations include Tokyo, Japan and The Dead Sea. She's also a huge fan of Hawaii and Prague.

Famous fans

Her images, which often feature women in exotic locations, has gotten her notice far beyond your average internet user. Beyonce is listed as one of her many admirers, and she’s attracted the attention of big companies like Adidas, whom she’s collaborated with.

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Then and Now

Jenah began making a name for herself on Tumblr before moving to other platforms, attracting more followers wherever she goes. Her popularity has allowed her to build a lifestyle blog where she shares her travel tips, images, favorite apparel, and beauty products she can’t do without.

Her popular has grown so much, she had a brief writeup and photo spread in the print version of Esquire Mexico, where she has a photo spread where she proves she’s every bit as cover-worthy as the models she photographs. She’s also been featured in the online versions of Playboy, FHM, and HypeBeast.

Social Star

Jenah’s Instagram (@gypsyone) has attracted nearly one million followers, and continues to grow. Much like the Tumblr blog, she uses the Instagram account as a way to chronical her adventures around the world through stunning visuals. From beaches, to snowy locals, and stunning architecture, she shares her favorites and gives people a glimpse of the world outside their own cities and states. There are even some great underwater shots included, adding a fun and unique touch. Her images are usually accompanied by cute captions that capture the spirt of the shot and her personality.

Her images also give foodies plenty to enjoy. She shows off some of her favorite dishes from around the country and beyond in some of her snaps. Besides that, she shows off behind the scenes pics, some of her favorite people and products, as well as sharing sponsored ads from brands that took notice of her.

Instagram not your thing? Jenah has plenty of other social media platforms. You can join the over 50K people who like her on Facebook (@jenahyamamoto1), follow her on Twitter (@missgypsyone), where she has over 65K followers, and snapchat (@GypsyOne).  

 Instagram: @gypsyone

Facebook: @jenahyamamoto1

Twitter: @missgypsyone

Snapchat: @GypsyOne

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