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Can’t get enough of fashionable influencers who know how to work social media? Well, then you should probably be introduced to Jane Aldridge of Sea of Shoes. She’s part of the original wave of fashion bloggers and keeps it classy with lots of vintage styles.

Read on to learn about how Jane built a brand in her free time in school. You’ll also learn about what other things she’s up to, and where you can follow her online to get your fashion fix.

Jane Aldridge's Vintage Tips

There’s a saying out there that one should have three hobbies, two of which should be for making money and being creative. Looks like Jane has that covered. According to a profile in Fashionista, she actually started her blog as a whim in high school. She loved fashion and decided to blog about it during free time in school. Keep reading to see how it led to the money part.

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Her decision to fashion blog isn’t that out there, either. According to that fashionista write-up, her grandmother was also a model and involved in fashion design. You could say she was born to love clothes. It also talked about her family’s love of antiques, which has surely influenced her focus on vintage style.

In her blog, Jane has shared her tips when buying vintage. She suggests to starting with the name of a designer you like such as Yves Saint Laurent. She also recommends typing in Ebay the era of your design of choice. Another good search technique is to sub out your favorite designer's name and to not be afraid to bid on an item that no one else is bidding on. 

  • Age: 26 years old
  • Birthday: December 23
  • Birth place: Texas

Sea of Shoes

She also talked about being in at the beginning of the fashion blogging phenomenon and how it’s important to her to stay true to the style that first got her on readers’ radars. With all the change in the fashion industry (and social media), she offers a bit of a reality check in her opinions on the business of blogging and social media.  She also, however, shows genuine love for doing what she does, an important lesson for people looking to get into a business of their own. She’s spent ten years on Sea of Shoes, and has, over time, grown it into something more. That persistence is key in reaching any goal because more often than not, success doesn’t happen overnight.

Jane Aldridge

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Jane Aldridge Wedding

Having built her brand, she’s gotten the attention of media outlets like Fashionista online, as well as sites like InStyle. The latter did a feature about her vintage style wedding that included embedded Instagram posts that showed off her style. It also showed her fun side by featuring pictures of her Halloween-themed reception.

Jane Aldridge

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Speaking of her wedding, she and her husband also run a blog that mostly focuses on food and drink, as well as some music and cookbook guides. Her blog’s popularity has allowed her to work with brands like Victoria’s Secret, who had her showing off her favorite gift ideas on their @VSPopUp account last December, as well as a partnership with @LumeneUSA. She also talked DJing on her Twitter account.

While she’s proud that her blog hasn’t changed much over the years, you really see her commitment to the vintage vibe on her Instagram. The dreamy shots have a similar look, whether she’s talking a favorite find or a travel destination. You can keep up with her by following @seaofshoes. On Twitter, she’s @sea_of_shoes. She’s got over 202 thousand and 102 thousand followers on the sites, respectively. You can also, of course, follow her blog at seaofshoes.com.

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