Irene Lara is a fashion writer, mom and renowned digital media influencer with over 700k followers. Her chic and trendy style is inspirational and she has collaborated with different brands sharing her fashion and beauty tips. Irene has a background in Journalism and Marketing and PR which led her opening an online shop dubbed "The Spanish Olive Shop". We had the pleasure to interview Lara and get some tips on how to become better boss babes. Read more about her below. 

Irene Lara

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London Fashion Blogger

Where do you live?
I am originally from South Spain, but I have been living in London for the last 11 years.

How old are you?

Tell us a little about yourself:
I moved to London to do my BA in Journalism and PR. I was doing really well and on my last year I was planning to move to Australia to do my Master. It was then when I found out I was pregnant. I still remember doing my final exam at 7 months pregnant! things obviously changed quite a lot and I decided to stay and try to settle in London with my baby boy Brooks.

What's the first thing you do in the morning?
I know is probably a bad habit but normally when I am away for work I check my e-mail!. When I am at home I just love to go and wake my little one up and talk about what our day is going to be like before making breakfast.

You're gorgeous, what does your beauty routine look like?

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I don´t really have a beauty routine. I do clean my face and apply moisturizer at night. I like to change and try different products brands send me and I stick to the ones I love and use them alternatively. I also try to drink enough water and I make smoothies and drink green tea when I can. I have also been using a microneedling roll on my face lately at night that I ADORE!

If you had to wear the same outfit for the rest of your life - what would it be?
Joggers and a comfy hoodie!

We want to know, what's in your beauty bag?
Too many things! bronzer, blush and mascara are my essentials, and a good lip balm is a must! I actually carry one on each of my bags as I couldn´t live without it!

What are your holiday party essentials?
A nice pair of comfy but glamorous shoes, I am obsessed with block heels when it comes to partying outfits or front platform shoes. I love to look nice, but if my feet are hurting I really have to go home! Also, big earrings with tassels or strass can completely change a look!

Irene Lara

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If you could travel anywhere in the world - where would it be?
South Africa or Japan!

What's your favorite thing to do in your down time?
Play with my son, cook or go for a walk. I really enjoy interior design which I have been doing lately quite a lot (just moved into my new home in Central London after almost one year doing it up!)

They say you are what you eat, what are you?
A mix of pasta, tuna and of course, avocado!

What are three essential items you think women should own?
A nice pair or jeans, a classic jacket you can wear on any occasion (like an aviator or a biker) and sunglasses!

What are your favorite looks from Bikini Luxe?
Of course I love the swimwear pieces, but accessories like the jewelry and bags are stunning! also, the sportswear designs look amazing.

Where do you get your sense of style from?
It started when I was really little. I always loved looking at fashion magazines, that´s were I got my passion for fashion. Also, I was so into the 90´s models, I grew up with Claudia Schiffer, Linda Evangelista and Naomi Campbell posters in my room!

Studio 4 Lara

What inspired you to start your own Blog?
The story it´s quite crazy. I love writing and I was going through a complicated time in my life being a single mum and struggling with so many things. I decided to start a blog to evade myself from all the issues and bad energy I had around at that point. I NEVER thought for a second this would be my full time job and would help me so much. I
started doing it because I truly enjoy blogging, I love what I do and I am very proud of all the way I have come through.

Now, my son is my biggest inspiration and even though it is not always easy being a mom and doing this job with all the travelling that involves, I would not change it for anything. Also, every time I have a chance I try to bring Brooks -my son- with me. I took him to LA in summer as I was working there and it was his birthday and he absolutely loved it!

Tell us about your dream collab, who is it and why?
Of course there are many brands out there I would love to collaborate with, but I never try to push myself too hard and set any long term goals. I just do the best I can everyday, in every way. I really believe hard work always pays off and I always try my best. I am so grateful to all the amazing brands I have worked with and I currently work with for
trusting and believing in me to feature their products. And of course, I am EXTREMELY grateful to every single person who follows me and read my blogs everyday - they are the heart of this.

Girls worldwide want to do what you're doing, do you have any advice for
My main advice is to be always yourself. Don´t try to compare what you do to anyone else or pretend to do what the other bloggers do. Of course, we all get inspired by others as well, but you have to adapt that inspiration into you own, self style. Also, I think is important to show people (specially the new generations) the ¨dark side¨ of blogging. It
is all not as fun, glamorous and perfect as it looks.

Also, don´t push yourself too hard but be constant. I think being constant is a major part of this. It is a hard industry and there are so many amazing bloggers out there nowadays, so keeping your feed active and tidy is essential.

What's next for you?
I have so many exciting projects on the new year which I am really excited about. One of them may be creating my own fashion line (can´t really tell you much more!). I am also travelling a lot this year, which is one of the best things about this job! Japan and South America are some of my destinations in 2018. Also, I am launching my You Tube
channel, which I am over excited about! I think is the right step for me to take and for my followers to get to know me and my life better.

How do you find being a single mum and a full time fashion and beauty

I am not going to lie and say it is easy. Some people still don´t know I have a 6 years old son and they are really shocked when they find out. I try to manage my time with the maximum efficiency I can possible get. I try not to work on the few hours we have together when he finished school before he goes bed. We do his homework and play and then I just
keep working when he goes bed. Of course, now I have help at home so
when I go away and need to attend events he is well taken care of.

Irene Lara

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How can readers keep up with you?

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  • Age: 30
  • Twitter: @studio4lara
  • Instagram: @studio4lara
  • Facebook: irenelaraoficcial
  • YouTube: Irene Lara
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