Producing the best Instagram shot for your next social media reveal has become a full time job for many social media influencers. Now, you can actually get certified as a social media influencer and make your Insta-worthy images big bucks from Condé Nast Italia's "Social Academy".

Social Media Influencer

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Getting a degree in social media influencer will allow fashion enthusiasts to learn how to boost their social media following, social media ethical standards and how to improve quality content. Many models, celebrities, and writers have become social media influencers with a great following and fans list. Companies and retail businesses now understand the power social media influencers bring to the table. The most savvy social media influencers know how to advertise posts and manage the number of followers and likes with transparency. 

Weather is sharing on Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter, social media influencers should develop certain skills and abilities that will make them successful. 

Tips to Become a Social Media Influencer

  • Find your niche
  • Setup captions and articles with keywords
  • Share content through all social channels
  • Join targeted groups
  • Engage with your followers

Besides sharing your content on social media, influencers should dedicate their time engaging with their followers and responding to their audience. The most engagement the influencer has, the more reliable and newsworthy she becomes. 

1. Brand Yourself

People want to know who you are. Branding is not overly complicated but it is a must if you want to be a successful social media influencer. Separate your business and persona account as an example. This will allow you to still keep your own personal Facebook and not mess with the asthetics of your brand. That way you can still stay connected with family and friends but not interrupt your business.

Here are five influencers that have been killing it on social media and are breaking ratings:

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2. Optimize your Bio

Make sure your biography is well written and captivating. This is your chance to sell yourself and it is incredibly important to do it. And do it fast. The average person will look at a piece of content for 8 seconds before moving on. That means that is how long you have to capture their attention. Keep in mind that beautiful and interesting pictures do this well. Keywords like “Fitness Blogger”, “Fashion Blogger”, "Beauty Expert", quickly identify yourself and tell a story.

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 3) Stand Out From The Crowd

Choose your best aspects and focus on them. Ask yourself what makes me different or better than everyone else? By focusing on your strengths you will shine. This may be your sense of style, your great sense of humor, or your ability to take the perfect selfie. Everyone has strengths and weaknesses play to your strengths.  

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4) Keep it Real

Stay true to your persona and brand. People respect others because they stand up for what they believe in. Don't sell out to a brand who wants you to promote something if you do not believe in it or them. Your followers will appreciate this and you will as well. Stay real!


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 5. Make Valuable Relationships

The top social media influencers form relationships with brands and agencies. Simply put nobody gets somewhere alone. By having brands and people behind you, you will be able to supercharge your effots. Brands are always looking for new influencers with engaged audiences. Be sure to keep your followers engaged by posting regularly and even more importantly interacting with as many people as possible especially if they are asking you questions!

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Follow these simple steps to build your online presence for fame, fortune and fun!

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