At just 27 years old, Hillary Kerr co-founded Who, What, Where, an online retailer that specializes in trendy clothing for women. She also co-founded the Clique Media Group with Katherine Power. As a former editor for Elle Magazine, Hillary is an expert in the fashion industry. Prior to working as both a writer and an editor for Elle, she has also written for Nylon and Teen Vogue Magazines. Along with Katherine, Hillary co-wrote three books.


Education and Career Aspirations

Having attended the University of Southern California (USC,) and New York University (NYU), Hillary earned a B.A. and M.A. respectively. Between finishing at USC and starting at NYU, she took part in a study abroad program in Sydney, Australia. Before Hillary could begin the program she had to secure an internship and talked her way into one at the Australian version of Marie Claire Magazine. Upon graduating from NYU she went on to intern at In Style, Harper’s Bazaar and Sand Diego Magazines as well.


Her passion for clothing dates back to her teenage years when she worked at The Gap while still in high school. She credits moving on from Elle Magazine with giving her the creative outlet she needed to eventually launch Who, What, Where. It was while working at Elle Magazine that she met Katherine Power, who was judging the season of Project Runway Hillary was writing about.


Clothing Line


Thanks to Hillary and Katherine’s passion for stylish clothing, Target has collaborated with the pair to design a unique collection. Exclusive designs are released on a monthly basis and each piece of clothing in the line was at least partly inspired by Who, What, Where readers as well as the styles typically seen on the streets of fashionable cities.


Social Media Use

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Hillary uses social media to advertise Who, What, Where, and also to keep in touch with her fans and followers. She can be found on Instagram @hillarykerr, where she has 63.9 thousand followers. She can also be found on Twitter @hillarykerr, where she has 27.6 thousand followers.


In addition to following Hillary on social media, fans can also follow Who What Wear. On Instagram, the account is @whowhatwear, and has 2.5 million followers. The Twitter account for the site is @whowhatwear, which has 2.29 million followers. The site also has a Facebook page @WhoWhatWear, with 1,470,936 followers. Its Pinterest page can be found @WhoWhatWhere and has 512,028 followers.

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Personal Life

In February 2017, Hillary married her fiancé in Palm Springs, California. She shared photos of the wedding on MyDomaine, one of the websites she and Katherine run through the Clique Media Group. The photos of her wedding include her bouquet, the escort cards and even the invitation the couple sent out. Hillary confessed that the couple originally chose not to have a wedding cake, but changed their minds at the last minute. This sudden decision resulted in their cake lacking the frosting that Hillary had chosen for it.