Meet Brazilian Blogger Helena Bordon

The Start of Helena Bordon's Successful Career

31-year-old Brazilian blogger and businesswoman Helena Bordon grew up with fashion in her style director mother. From a young age Helena was fascinated with cities known for their fashion scene, such as Paris. She parlayed that fascination into a successful career which includes her role as the co-owner of the fashion label 284, which was launched in Brazilian in 2008.

284 encompass the hottest fashions for young men and women all over the world. The latest and trendiest fashions are always in stores thanks to Helena’s label. In fact, new products are introduced at an average rate of once each 15 days and Helena is personally involved in the debut of every piece of merchandise in the collection. Since the launching of the fashion label seven stores have been opened to sell this merchandise exclusively, while 284, merchandise is sold in more than 22 shops that carry the hottest designs and collections in the world. In addition to her success as a fashion entrepreneur, Helena has also gone on to star in some short films/ads for Ferragamo’s line of handbags, Fiamma.


Aside from fashion, Helena also has an eye for jewelry. LOOL, a jewelry company in Brazil, released a capsule jewelry collection designed by Helena. This may lead to her creating her own line of jewelry in the future. 

The Inspiration Behind Helena Bordons Passion

Her success in the industry has led to the popularity of her blog, where she not only dishes on her top fashion pics but also gives readers a glimpse into her travels as well as stores and restaurants she recommends frequenting. Much of her passion and knowledge for fashion comes from the time she spent as an intern with Valentino, where she spent a year learning about the industry. Her admiration for the designer is reflected in the fact that when she walked down the aisle on her wedding day she was wearing a Valentino dress. Prior to the internship, Helena studied business administration at London’s American Intercontinental University.


Helena Bordon Makes The Business of Fashion 500 List

As a known digital influencer, Helena uses social media to connect with her fans and readers all over the world. She can be found @helendabordon on Twitter, where she currently has 159,000 followers. In addition, 912,000 people follow her on Instagram @helenabordon. She is also on Facebook @sitehelenabordon and has over 78,000 people fellow Facebook members following her. Fans often leave questions for her on her Facebook page seeking more of her thoughts on new fashions and trends.

There is no doubt that Helena has made a huge impact on the fashion industry, as she has appeared on a list called The Business of Fashion 500. This list of 500 people only includes those who have significantly influenced and shaped fashion all over the world.

It is easy to see how Helena Bordon feels about fashion as it is reflected in everything she does. Her passion for sharing her knowledge with the world is one that can inspire young women and men to become as well known and successful as she is.

Fun Facts About Helena Bordon

  • She interned with Valentino
  • Began attending fashion shows in Paris and Milan at the age of 7
  • Helena wore a Valentino dress down the isle on her wedding day
  • She was born in Brazil
  • Helena Bordons birth sign is a Cancer