Gizele Oliveira is a Brazilian model who has worked in cities all over the world. This includes Los Angeles, Milan, Munich, Barcelona, Gothenburg, New York, London Sao Paulo and Copenhagen. She has been modeling for several years and has appeared in fashion shows for Dolce & Gabbana, Polo Ralph Lauren, Tory Burch and M.A.C. She has also appeared in Maxim, when the site chose her to be one of the 15 models from Brazil to watch out for on Instagram.

Gizele Oliveira

Gizele On The Go

In addition to her modeling work, she also maintains a blog called Gizele On The Go. Before that she ran her own blog on a website called Things of Teens. She uses her current blog to share photos with her fans. Gizele has been maintaining the blog since 2013 and her readers can always go back and see every entry she has ever written.

Vogue Magazine named Gizele as one of 2017’s “Brazilian Bombshells.” They pointed her out due to the fact that she is always on top of current fashion trends, despite the fact that it has been said that she can make wearing skimpy clothes look sexy.

 Many people are watching Gizele’s career develop and are keeping up with it by reading her blog and following her on social media. She can be found on Instagram @giizeleoliveira, where she has 389,000 followers. She also has thousands of followers on Twitter, where she can be found @gizeleoliveira. She has thousands of followers on Facebook and can be found @gizeeleoliveira.

Gizele Oliveira Measurements

  • Career: Model
  • Age: 36 years old
  • Born: Brazil
  • Height: 5'9"
  • Measurements: 30"-24"-35"

As a successful model and blogger, Gizele has been able to travel all over the world doing what she loves. She has traveled to many cities that are as beautiful as she is. Throughout her travels she has served as a role model for women all over the world who look up to her. All her fans have to do is read her blog to see where she has been recently and what she did while she was there.

Keeping her blog updated is something that Gizele does as a gift to her readers. She wants to be able to share her personal style with them. Wherever Gizele goes she is photographed wearing the latest outfits from the hottest designers in fashion. No matter what outfit she wears she looks stylish and amazing.

Gizele On The Go

Gizele is always enthusiastic about her career and takes every opportunity she gets to expand on it. She has a passion for modeling and blogging that few others in the industry can match. Gizele has turned her passions into a career that she can be proud of. As a role model for young women she constantly shows them what they can accomplish if they really want to.

Her attitude towards those who helped make her so popular in the modeling and blogging industries is refreshing. She appreciates her fans and followers that have helped her to make her own dreams come true. She is likely to continue to serve as an inspiration for women around the world.