She’s already known for her popular blog and Instagram account, and you might have seen her mentioned previously here, for her swimwear line with swimsuits for all. There is much more to this influencer than you may know. She’s staking her claim all over the fashion world.


Blue High Waisted Bikini // Ruffle Bikini Set

Read on to learn more about Gabi, where to follow her, and what she’s doing to bring plus-size fashion into the mainstream. 

Plus-Size Fashion Blogger

Gabi didn’t have professional experience in fashion, but she didn’t let that stop her from following the dream she sometimes felt was out of reach for her, seeing virtually no plus-size women in the industry when growing up. Getting involved in the online plus-size community showed her where there was a need, and it gave her direction for what she wanted to do: create a fashion-focused community for plus-size women. To that end, she started her blog and social media accounts.

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Her story proves persistence pays because she mentioned in an interview with Fashionista that it was almost impossible to get major brands’ attention at her size. A decade later, her blog is going strong and she’s getting plenty of partnership/ad opportunities. Plus, as mentioned above, she got her foot in the design door by collaborating on her first swimwear collection. It also proves that keeping your mind and eyes open to holes in the market to fill is essential.


GabiFresh is a place where she talks style, beauty, and lifestyle. She writes about her travels, fashion week, her desire to talk more about health (not weight/weight loss), and her work with a place called Covenant House, which she selected as a charity after partnering with StateFarm’s “Neighborhood of Good” campaign.


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The organization helps homeless youth get the skills and assistance to become self-sufficient and healthy. It offers health services, as well as arts education on top of the other educational services and job assistance. Her post on her experience working there transitioned to her social media as well, where she featured some more shots and stories of the people helped by the program.
Her site also features video content that gives more insight into Gabi and her fashion/beauty favorites.


Remember when I mentioned that she’s taking over the fashion world? Well, she’s definitely not been content to stick to swimwear only. In multiple interviews, she’s talked about the gaps in the plus-size market, and she’s determined to address it all.

GabiFresh Premme

Must Fishbone White High Waist Bikini

After her swimwear collaboration, she started a plus-size clothing line, Premme, with a fellow blogger that strives to keep fashion fun, sexy, and fresh. She’s also started a lingerie collection with Playful Promises. Each fashion endeavors comes from her desire to make more fashionable, daring choices available to plus-size women. She brings her preferences as a consumer to the table, which has no doubt helped to make the lines successful. She revealed in an ad post for a cold and flu brand that even more fashion collaborations are coming.

  • Age: 31 years old
  • Brand: Premme
  • Birthday: September 9th
  • Birthplace: Detroit, MI

You can follow her as @GabiFresh on Instagram, where over 500 thousand people are keeping up with her style and career. You can also catch her on Twitter as @grabifresh, or on YouTube as GabiFresh. She has 59 thousand and six thousand people, respectively, following those accounts.

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