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Rumi Neely of the FashionToast


FashionToast is a unique blog where Rumi Neely connects with her fans and readers. As the creative director of her own blog, Rumi has a unique opportunity to share her thoughts on fashion with the world.


As a passionate blogger, Rumi takes control of her own blog in most ways. While she does have an assistant to help her out, she does her own makeup and has her boyfriend take all of the photos that appear on the blog. Rumi has come a long way since she started her blog in 2007, when all she had was her garage door and a tripod to assist her with photo shoots. Now the photos seen on her blog include a diary for Stockholm Fashion Week as well as her visit to Palm Springs.



Inspiration of FashionToast


Fashion Blogger Rumi Neely Bio



Rumi started out buying vintage clothes on eBay, restyling them and selling the clothing. Her many eBay customers would constantly ask her where the items she listed were coming from. Rumi created FashionToast to appease her customers on eBay and it grew into what is now a blog that millions of people read and comment on every day. Only time will tell how many more people begin to follow FashionToast for the best fashion tips.


Much of FashionToast includes beauty and hair therapy tips that Rumi uses in her own life. She also writes about the collection of bracelets she created at the request of Pandora. Rumi made it a point to choose charms for the bracelet that represented the values that are most important to her.




Rumi Neely's Fashion & Style Influence


Inspiration Behind Fashion Toast


Rumi's eye for fashion has made it possible for her to express herself and her style in a unique way that women all over the world can relate to. She uses her blog to help and inspire young women who are looking for some direction when it comes to creating their own personal style.


Swedish influence has a lot to do with Rumi’s preferred style of dressing. Her favorite decorators that she follows on Instagram are Swedish and have given her much inspiration for her blog. She even decorated her home based on advice and tips from the Swedish decorators she admires.




Rumi Neely Becomes A Social Media Influencer


Style Influencer Rumi Neely - FashionToast


Rumi and FashionToast have a presence on social media.

  • The Facebook page for FashionToast can be found @fashiontoast, where the blog has over 822,000 followers.
  • She can be found on Twitter @rumineely, where she has 123,000 followers.
  • Her Instagram handle is @rumineely, where she has 707,000 followers.
  • Fans can also keep up with Rumi by following her on Pinterest @rumineely.


FashionToast has opened the door to many opportunities that Rumi has taken full advantage of. Through her travels and her attendance at fashion shows throughout the world, Rumi has been able to share her passion and skills with others.


The blog has made such an impact that it has gotten attention and praise from some of the world’s best designers. The level of success Rumi has already enjoyed thanks to her blog is inspiring to women of all ages.




Facts You Didn't Know About Rumi Neely


 More About Rumi


  • Age : 33
  • Nationality : Japanese and American
  • Started blogging in 2007
  • She's Creative Director & Owner of Are You Am I
  • She launched her line in 2015
  • She's engaged to her boyfriend and photographer 
  • She wants to open a permanent store front in Los Angeles