When you hear “floral”, you usually think spring. The classic style seems to be appropriate in a season where the flowers are just started to bloom after a long winter. The style is making a comeback in 2017. Harper’s Bazaar, Vouge, Glamour, and many more are reporting on the designers who are making use of floral patterns in their Fall/Winter collections, and it couldn’t make more sense! In a season where things can be a little dreary at times, why not add a little color in the world? Here are some suggestions for pieces that will brighten up the holiday season. 

Floral Dress

Floral Fall Dresses

Asymmetrical Floral Dress - This unique cut will be a fun choice for something out of the Fall norm. Paired with a perfect pair of leggings, and it will also be good for the chillier temperatures the season brings. In warmer climates, of course, that’s not much of a worry.

Baccio Couture – Ross Luxury Silk Dresses

This time means a lot of parties, some of them formal. This is especially true around Christmas and New Year’s. For those special events, consider this elegant dress made of fine silk, which also adjusts according to your tastes for coverage. The drawstring belt also adjusts to slimming fit, or a more relaxed one. Who doesn’t like that second option during this time of year?

Lace Black Dress

Forget Me Not Black Lace Dress

This lace dress features an open back and a more subtle floral design for those special dinners. The basic black look is great for a New Year’s party or a romantic night out.
See Through Me Black Mesh Dress
This one is similar to the above dress, but is a little more daring.

Red Lace Dress

Love More Red Lace Cocktail Dress

Another option for romantic holiday dinners or New Year’s parties, this also offers a more subtle floral design. The red coloring adds excitement to the look. Special features include an open back.

Designer floral dress

Agua Bendita Floral Cut Out Dress – Dahlia

If you’re looking for a dreamy, flirty look, consider this dress that features a high neck and an asymmetrical cut. It’s a long, flowing piece that can possibly be paired with the Boss Babe Light Denim Jacket for a more casual look that will also keep out the chill.

Floral leggings

Agua Bendinta Leggings – Azucena

For a casual look during the holiday season (especially when out doing the holiday shopping) that will offer a little warmth as well, consider these bold and bright leggings. This limited edition piece is considered part one of the more exciting collections.
Pair this with the Ibiza Bohemian Tunic. It’s a NY Fashion Week runway feature is lightweight, has a relaxed fit, and is easy to care for. The long sleeves add a bit more warmth and some fun.

How to Wear Floral in the Fall

  • Keep it neutral 
  • Florals on sheer fabric
  • Add a leather jacket
  • Wear floral patches on denim

Another option to pair the leggings with is the Short Sleeve Baby Doll – Bea Pink. It’s a comfortable piece that can be good for going from the warmer beach days to a day out during the holiday season. The color is also considered a hot thing this fall.

Also, florals are trending in swimwear as well. Check our favorite floral swimwear collection below: