The times are changing fast, and entertainment is perhaps one of the fastest changing venues. Today, you don’t need the traditional television to get your entertainment fix. Sites like Hulu, Netflix, and YouTube have begun producing unique content that you can’t find on your cable subscription. Along with the new way of getting content to viewers comes a new way for people to get seen: Youtube accounts. This was the case with Eva Gutowski of My Life as Eva. As a successful YouTube star, Eva Gutowski has become the go-to girl for beauty tips and advice. At just 23 years old she has already established herself as an influencer in the industry.

My Life as Eva

She, like several other enterprising social influencers, created a Youtube channel as part of a college course and has seen it turn into her career in a short amount of time. Her unique videos centered around fashion, lifestyle, and comedy and quickly earned a huge audience. Read on to learn a little more about this California native and where her Youtube channel has taken her.

My Life as Eva

Eva is a real triumph over adversity story, having dealt with being the daughter of a poor family. According to a People magazine profile, her bedroom was once her family’s living room, something she had to share with a sister. There wasn’t much food to go around either, and Eva found herself feeling inadequate next to her better off peers. Eva was born and raised in California, where she grew up with her sister Maya. Her earliest career aspirations were of psychiatrist or actress. She started her career working as a cashier at a local pizza shop. As she moved onto college she realized she wanted to become a reporter/entertainment host which led to her majoring in journalism.

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The interview revealed that her father was actually the one who got Eva to start her Youtube channel as a way to help Eva deal with lingering sadness over not having the same college experience as her friends. That turned out to be a great move, as you’ll see later on.

Eva Gutowski YouTube

Eva’s videos were so popular that it led her to some unique opportunities. She soon starred in a somewhat scripted series on the platform called How to Survive High School that drew on real experiences. It’s all about helping teens cope with the transition.

Another venture that she’s been a part of is the series Escape the Night. Eva played a Journalist in the first season. According to the Wiki page, the inspiration comes from a murder mystery episode of Lizzie McGuire and the classic movie, Clue. There is a second season about to start, but Eva isn’t in it, as the cast changes from season to season.

My Life as Eva

One of her biggest breaks is striking a deal with Youtube Red for her own show, Me and Grandma. Here, she gets to act alongside classic sitcom star Rhea Pearlman as the pair chase their acting dreams. The show’s first season features six episodes. Eva is also known for her work with brands that include Kohl’s, Macys, Luli Fama and Fanta. In addition, she toured the country in 2015 and 2016 in “Girl’s Night In,” and “Amplify.

Besides all that, Eva has a book, My Life as Eva: The Struggle is Real with Simon and Shuster that tells her story. She’s also got her own blog talking lifestyle and more, and she shows off some serious modeling skills on her social networks.

  • Age: 23 years old
  • Height: 5'6" 
  • Nationality: American
  • Profession: YouTuber and Actress

Like with many out there, 23-year-old Eva is mostly on Instagram. She’s showing support for Pride, showcasing her favorite looks, and giving people an inside look into the life of a Youtube star. Her fun, confident vibe has attracted over five million followers. She goes by @mylifeaseva there.

Showing she knows how to brand right, Eva’s twitter is also @lifeaseva, keeping with the title of her Youtube channel. On Twitter, she’s attracted over three million followers, while her Youtube has an impressive eight million subscribers.

Finally, she’s got a secret project that has its own account. Check out @itsallwild to see what she’s up to and learn more as it’s announced. It’s already got over twenty thousand followers.

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