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Emelie Natascha Lindmark, better known as Emitaz, is one of many people making their passion their paycheck. She takes her personal style and love of beauty to connect with followers and make money at the same time. Through her stylish and chill Instagram account, she’s managed to attract enough attention to be a major player in the social media world. Brands are lining up to work with her, as you can find out from her posts.

So what has attracted people to this Swedish-born blogger? Let’s take a look at what she’s all about and where you can follow her.

Emelie Natascha Lindmark

It’s amazing to think just how recent those were. The twenty-six-year-old only began blogging in 2015! She started loading videos of her beauty finds, and tutorials. She added in some lifestyle content, and people flocked to her account. In less than two years, she’s earned an impressive number of subscribers and views. More about that later.

A few more tidbits about her: She’s Sri-Lankan and Swedish, and grew up in Gothenburg. She and her brothers spent a lot of time traveling to Sri Lanka, which surely fueled her love of new places. She’s got Barcelona-born boyfriend who is also her photographer, helping her capture all the stunning images she shares on her blog and social media.


Her blog, which she’s had since May of 2015, features her favorite spots in Barcelona, Interior design, food, travel adventures, much more. One section of her blog is devoted to her modeling work. The most recent post in that section is from March of 2017 and features a day on the set of a Tommy Hilfiger campaign. She combined behind-the-scenes pics with English and Swedish commentary about the experience.

Emelie Natascha Lindmark

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Another post talked about her shoot for Billabongs, where she got to spend several days in Waikiki. The trip helped start a love of Hawaii that is evident in her social media. She’s also worked with GUESS and Urban outfitters, according to a profile on wearecube.se.
Her inspiration section shows some of her favorite new looks, and what she’s wanting in her own home. Occasionally, it includes sale information and people she works with. Meanwhile, the food and training section is a collection of her favorite healthy choices, including Green Tea, fruit bowls, and chia pudding.

  • Age: 26 years old
  • Born: Gothenburg, Sweden 
  • Birthday: June 6th 
  • Career: Fashion model & YouTube Vlogger

For people looking for some workout inspiration, she runs down her training routine, her personal tips for staying motivated, and playlists. Check out emitaz.com to see more of what she has to offer.

Emitaz YouTube

Her main home is popular social app, Instagram. Known as @emitaz there, she’s attracted over 600 thousand followers to her account. Her shots have a simple, relaxed feel to them while taking followers on a journey through Barcelona. She features favorite eats and locales. It’s not Barcelona on her Instagram, either. She shows off her work and fun travels, while also showcasing some of her favorite people and brands. Occasionally, she runs contests that can earn her followers some awesome products.

If you’re looking for something a little different, you can find Q&A, Coachella talk, haul videos, and travel vlogs. You can find her there under Emitaz, where she has over 100 thousand subscribers and more than five million views. She’s also on Facebook as Emitaz and has over seven thousand likes.

Emelie's personal style is distinguished and edgy. You can get inspired with her style with out favorite picks below.