At just 27-years old, Diana Marks has already gained much popularity as a fashion blogger for LA By Diana. She has become a huge influencer in the industry and has an extensive following around the world thanks, in part, to her acting endeavors as well.

 Diana-MarksBefore finding fame as a successful blogger, Diana attended the London School of Economics, from which she graduated with a Business Bachelor’s Degree. The stunning beauty was born and raised in Belarus, but now calls Los Angeles her home. The bilingual blogger speaks fluent Russian and English.

Diana Marks Movie Career

Diana is known to moviegoers for her roles in The Internship Games, in which she co-starred with actress Lindsay Kay Hayward, as well as in both K-11 and The Perfect Love Song.

LA By Diana

Diana Marks Fashion

In LA By Diana, she covers topics such as fashion and style as well as automobiles. Diana creates unique outfits by including brands the average woman can afford with some of the world’s top fashion designers.

Readers only have to make their way to the style section of her blog to see for themselves the outfits that Diana chooses for herself. She makes it a point to share pictures of herself in various outfits with her many readers and followers. Readers can find out the brand names of the clothes she wears in these pictures so they can go out and find the same clothes to add to their own wardrobe.

One way in which Diana’s blog differs from so many others is that she shares her experience with cars that she has personally driven. By doing this, she is helping any readers who are in the market for a new car.

She also shares her experiences with hotels she has stayed in all over the world. Diana travels extensively for work and is always happy to let her readers have a glimpse of where she stays when she does.

Age: 27

Birthday: December 19,1989

Birthplace: Belarus

Instagram @dianamarksofficial

Instagram account @bydianamarks

Twitter @byDianaMarks

Facebook @DianaMarksOfficial


Diana Marks StyleDiana Marks

As a popular blogger and influencer, Diana has become a source for her fans to go to when they want solid advice on fashion, beauty and travel. Her popularity and the popularity of her blog speaks to the fact that she is someone who does her best to inspire others to do their best. There is no doubt that Diana will continue to be a powerful influencer to women all over the world. She is a role model for women of all ages and has beautifully demonstrated how much hard work pays off. The future of her blog and her ability to influence others is tremendous.