At 48, Christene Barberich doesn’t look a day over 25. This can most likely be attributed to her success as co-founder and Editor-In-Chief of Refinery29, a lifestyle media company that has swept the Internet.

The Company’s Beginnings

In 2005, Christene co-created Refinery29 after having previously worked for publications such as The New Yorker and Gourmet Magazine. She used skills and knowledge gained at these jobs to create, promote and grow Refinery29.

Once Refinery29 was launched it caught on quickly and grew in popularity almost overnight. It has since been declared one of the fastest growing companies of today. Christene has stated in the past that her main goal in running her business is to set a good example for not only the staff, but each person that uses Refinery29.

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Christene’s Accomplishments

Since starting the company, Christene was named among 2014’s Top 20 Media Mavens and in 2016 Folio chose her as one of the Top Women Leaders in the Media Industry. Christene often speaks at industry events and has acted as a brand consultant for companies such as Yves Saint Laurence Fragrance, American Eagle, Prada Beaute and Nine West, among others.


Christene’s Social Media Accounts

As a powerful and influential business woman, Christene uses social media to her advantage. She can be found on Instagram @christinebarberich, where she has 55.3 thousand followers. She also uses Twitter, where she can be found @CRBarberich and has more than 1,000 followers. As an important player in the fashion industry she can also be found on Pinterest @christineb, where she has 96,104 followers. She uses her Pinterest page to show her followers the best in beauty, style trends, jewelry, every day essentials, gifts and shoes. She also keeps up with Fashion Week styles and shares them with her followers.

Personal Choices and Styles

Christene is not afraid to share her personal choices and style preferences with the public. In a daily journal she kept for one week, which was published by the New York Times, she shared the thought process she uses to determine her daily tasks and how to dress for them.

As if that wasn’t impressive enough, Christene had the courage to write a personal essay detailing each of the five times she tragically miscarried. In an interview with Fertility IQ’s Deborah Anderson-Bialis, Christene admitted that she is now more sensitive to the needs of other women than she had been previously. She advocated the sharing of accurate information regarding infertility in women and how to treat it, as well as the idea of making infertility treatments affordable for the women who need them the most.

On a lighter note, Christene opened her home up to to give fans a glimpse into how she and her husband live. This shows that she is just as down-to-earth as anyone else, despite the massive amount of success she has had. Christene is a trendsetter who has a knack for displaying raw honesty to the public.

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