Italian blogger Chiara Nasti launched her own blog in order to share her thoughts and feelings with the world. Her self-named blog is divided into sections for her personal style, works, personal life and beauty. In each section, Chiara is candid when it comes to sharing details of her world with her readers.

Chiara Nasti

Italian Fashion Blogger

In the personal style selection of her blog, Chiara shares with her readers the newest outfits that she can’t get enough of. She also mentions any new collections of clothing she is impressed with. Chiara also shares that she enjoys online shopping and that she is addicted to jewelry. She addresses her readers in every one of her blog entries, showing that she is just as invested in them as they are in her. 

Chiara Nasti

In the “my” works section, Chiara talks about projects she is passionate about. This is also where she revealed to her readers that she now has her own line of swimsuits. She talks about how she was involved with every aspect of creating and launching the collection.

Chiara Nasti Barbie Doll

The personal “my life” section of the blog Chiara shares details of her personal travel experiences. In addition, this is the section of her site where she announced that she has a Barbie doll created to look just like her. This is, no doubt, exciting news for fans of Chiara’s who grew up playing with Barbie.

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Chiara Nasti Blog

The beauty section of her blog is where Chiara shares with her readers the products she recommends the most. She always gives her personal view of each product and encourages her readers to purchase them.

Chiara Nasti Look

  • Nationality: Italian
  • Age: 19
  • Height: 5'6"
  • Birthday: January 22nd 

Like most other bloggers, Chiara makes use of social media. She can be found on Instagram @nastilove, where she has 1.4 million followers. She also has a Twitter account @ChiaraNastii, where she has 21.9 thousand followers. Her Facebook page can be found @ChiaraNastiOfficial, where she has 384,493 followers. She also has thousands of subscribers to her self-named YouTube channel, where she posts updates on her life and career.

Chiara is not afraid to stand up to those who troll her online. She handled it in her own unique style when she took every tweet a troll directed towards her and turned it into a roll of toilet paper. She even went so far as to show her Instagram users a shot of the toilet paper with the nasty tweets written on it.

A blogger quite unlike any other, Chiara stands out in the crowd for her brilliance when it comes to expressing herself in various forms. The above mentioned social media story shows that Chiara is not intimidated or discouraged by those who don’t like her or don’t respect what she does. She is truly an inspiration for women everywhere and has shown them that they don’t have to roll over and placate the obstacles that life throws at them. Chiara will likely continue being a great role model for all women.

Chiara definitely knows how to wear a bikini. Check our favorite selection from her personal style: