The Fashion Guitar

If you’ve been paying attention, this influencer won’t be a huge surprise as far as being a success online. She started her blog and social accounts (especially Instagram) at a time when many of the biggest influencers got going. Like many of them (and people working to get started now), it wasn’t something that happened overnight. In multiple interviews, she talked about spending years building her blog into what it is today. There are several lessons to be learned from her and her story, whether you’re looking to become the next big influencer or not. Read on to learn more about her and her mission, as well as where you can connect with her online. (Read: everywhere!)

Charlotte Groeneveld

The Fashion Guitar

The Netherlands native was actually involved in the fashion and blogging industry for years before she made the decision that would change the course of her life and career. On the About page of her website, she described blogging for others first. She realized it was something she loved enough to want to do it on her own, and so her blog was born.

In a very authentic and somewhat self-deprecating moment, she also talks about the name of her blog, and how it came to be (It’s probably not what you’re thinking) and she also talks about how important authenticity is to her. It was the main purpose of her blog’s existence, and she’s remained consistent in her position that she’ll only blog about and work with the people she can truly get behind. Awesome lesson for people just getting started, huh?


What’s another lesson one can learn from this successful blogger? Gratitude. Her website bio also expresses that for the many readers, as well as the brands she’s been fortunate enough to work with. She believes that one needs to always keep your motivation firmly in mind to accomplish your goals.

The Fashion Guitar

The site, which is open to both collaborations with brands and advertising, is a space where she shares fashion, beauty, travel, and fashion week. She also has a section devoted to helping her readers get the looks she displays online.

Her travel section talks about seeing St. Barth’s with toddlers, spending a winter in Miami (where she hosted an event called “Fashion for Breakfast”). She also has a post that gets a little personal about traveling to Saint Lucia with family and how capturing those moments has changed with social media and digital photography.

Charlotte Groenveld

She’s been interviewed by W Magazine, where she spoke about balancing being a mother of two and a social influencer, moving, and certain favorites. took readers into a day in her life, and spoke to her about her favorite influencers. They also talked about what’s in her purse, and her must-haves while taking part in Fashion Week.

Charlotte Groeneveld Cancer

Her biggest impact (not surprisingly these days) is on Instagram, where she’s known as @thefashionguitar. She has over 300 thousand followers who can’t wait to see her next favorite look, or her latest travel adventures.

On Pinterest, you can find her under Thefashionguitar, where she has over 22 thousand followers.Her boards discuss home décor, her favorite fashion bloggers, kids, food, and more. Despite her struggle with cancer and the emotional roller coaster, Charlotte has been able to contribute to the fashion industry with grace and dedication. She is open about her experience in her blog and connects with her followers about her story. 

  • Age: 33 years old
  • Birthday: September 29th
  • Birthplace: Netherlands
  • Occupation: Founder of The Fashion Guitar
  • Favorite museum: National History Museum
  • Husband: Thomas Van Haren

Her Twitter, which has over eight thousand followers, is @fashionguitar.
Finally, you can find her on Facebook as Thefashionguitar. She’s attracted over 300 thousand likes there.

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