With so much social media clutter out there, it can be easy to miss some great accounts. This is especially true if you’re a fashionista looking for the latest styles. That’s why you need to know about this German fashion blogger who has quickly risen to the top of the influencer list. Here are some facts you need to know, and where to find her online.


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Caroline Daur Parents

She may be a big time social influencer who travels the world now, but according to famous birthdays, she was one just a girl from a typical family. Her lawyer father and manager mother surely instilled a professional work ethic in her and inspired her to dream big.

Having professionals for parents most likely inspired her to pursue a business education that would later serve as a huge backbone to her current career in fashion. While this path began with the creation of her blog in 2014, it’s nothing new. Famous in Germany says that her mother would regularly bring Vouge magazine into the house. Her childhood, according to the site, was filled with a wide range of the normal activities one would expect from kid: taking dance, and playing on sports teams. Today, she mostly spends her workout time in the gym.


Her blog, Carodaur.com, may have only started in 2014, but it’s made a huge impact. Famous in Germany credits her with winning a New Face Award after only a year on the scene. Today, her blog covers a wide range of both fashion and lifestyle topics. It’s a popular niche these days, and she’s owning her place in it.

Famous birthdays has ranked her among the most popular bloggers, and the top 22-year-old author. Part of the appeal may be her candid style and professional imagery. She takes readers into her life and work to show them what it’s really like to travel to see the Olympics, working with Nike on a project, and her experiences at Fashion Week in London.Fashion Week wasn’t all that brought her there, though. She wrote a post all about taking in the launch of Mii by Cosmopolitan. She partnered with the brand to advertise the product on her blog, something that is just one of the ways Instagrammers and bloggers are turning their passion into their livelihood.

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The travel section obviously features a ton of great sights, while also talking about going to the Revolve Festival back in May,  and her trip to Paris to take part in the “Girl of Now” campaign, which celebrated women being confident, fun, and bettering themselves.

Caroline Daur Net Worth

The obvious place to find any serious influencer is Instagram, and she’s definitely made her mark there. Her @carodaur account has over one million followers who are waiting for shots of her latest outfits, travels, and projects. She mixes the news with inspirational quotes and expressions of gratitude, something that many of the most successful people out there emphasize is important. She also links to her shoe collection that is sold on superga.de. It’s a variety of sneakers that are perfect for people on the go.

Caroline Daur

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You can also follow her on Twitter at @carodaur, where over 1800 people have connected with her.

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