Bruna Vieira is a vibrant 23 year old beauty blogger with a passion for makeup. She launched her blog, Depois dos Quinze (which translates to “After 15” in English,) in 2008 and has been adding to it ever since then. Begun while she was still a high school student, After 15 provided a shy teenage girl with a way to communicate with her peers comfortably.

Bruna Vieira

Brazilian Fashion Blogger

By writing the blog, Bruna began to come out of her shell and build her inner confidence, a key aspect of making any woman feel as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside. Her work on the blog led to her first published book, After 15.

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While Bruna writes many of her own blog entries, she also has other writers that contribute to it, making it a valuable resource for women all over the world, regardless of their age or lifestyle. The blog now covers a wide variety of topics that include fashion, music, photography, shopping, technology, travel and even various recipes. The fashion section of her blog often features the styles of other bloggers that Bruna considers her peers. The music section includes interviews with international musicians that Bruna is a fan of or that she just finds to be inspiring.

Bruna Vieira

Bruna also uses her blog to share her own personal life adventures with her readers. One section of her blog is dedicated to trips to places such as Yosemite National Park.

More than just blog entries, Bruna also posts videos of her travels to cities such as Orlando. Her readers can get a glimpse of a vacation she took to Disney World and Land with her mother, her boyfriend and his family.

  • Nationality: Brazilian
  • Lives: San Francisco
  • Age: 23 years old
  • Birthday: May 18th
  • YouTube subscribers: 1.3 million

As a smart young woman, Bruna knows how important social media can be to bloggers. It is easy to follow her and/or her blog on all of the major social media sites. Her blog can be found on Instagram @depoisdosquinze, where it has 178,000 followers. It can also be found on Twitter @depoisdosquinze, where it has 175,000 followers. Bruna can be found on Facebook @Bruna Vieira, where she has 202,736 followers. She also has a YouTube channel @canaldepoisdosquinze, where she has 1.3 million subscribers following her.

Depois Dos Quinze

Despite her young age, Bruna has much to be proud of when it comes to her accomplishments. Her blog and social media followings prove how popular she is with women around the world. She is a refreshingly honest blogger that is not afraid to share details of her personal life with her readers and fans. The sheer size and reach of her blog shows how much knowledge and passion she has to share with the world. This will likely continue as she continues to travel the world, conquering everything she sets her mind to. Her fashion and beauty advice and insight is invaluable to her readers. With such a popular blog, it is easy to see why she has so many fans.

Bruna Vieira has a very fresh and chic style. You will always see her with florals or a boho look on her travel adventures. Check out our favorite styles on the website: