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Blair Eadie is a 30-year-old fashion blogger and photographer that started her career working as a merchandiser for Gap in 2007. Three years later she went on to launch a website called Atlantic-Pacific to share her own personal thoughts and ideas on street styles after realizing what an impact it could have on current fashion brands and trends. She said that when she launched her blog she did so with the intention of having it help her career as a merchandiser.

Fashionista Blair Eadie

She has worked with some of the biggest brand names in fashion and makeup, such as Sephora, Cover Girl, Nordstrom, Gucci and Target. Blair has also appeared in fashion magazines like Elle, Harper’s Bazaar and Vogue. She and Formula X collaborated on her line of nail polishes for Sephora. The limited edition collection included three shades. Blair said that since Formula X already had 250 shades of nail polish she knew she would have to come up with something truly unique. She wanted to incorporate the name of her site into her nail polish colors so that those who purchased them would discover her blog if they hadn’t already.

Blaire Eadie Exclusive Collab with Sephora

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The three names she chose for her custom colors were Pacific Haze, Taken By Storm and Atlantic Mist. Blair confessed that she originally came up with the name Thunder, which became Taken By Storm based on a suggestion from Sephora. Blair is so passionate about nail polish colors that she confessed sometimes she will even plan an entire outfit around the color of her current nail polish.

Pacific Haze is described on the Sephora website as a crisp cool gray meant to help update any winter wardrobe. Taken by Storm is described as a dark and stormy alternative to black nail polish. Atlantic Mist is described as a sophisticated sister of mint, comparable to mist coming off the sea on a cold day.

What Does Blogger Blair Eadie Do For A Living?

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Using her personal photographs, Blair has made a career out of capturing her personal style and encouraging others to adopt it as well. Classic and quirky clothing, shoes and accessories regularly adorn Blair’s body and she’s always wearing the latest high heels and lipstick.

In 2013 Blair assisted Target in creating their fall lookbook to put the spotlight on their many brands of accessories and clothing that other department stores don’t carry. Blair worked with a Target stylist to help create shots for the book.

By 2014 Blair was writing guest posts for blogs such as Neiman Marcus. In the post are 10 recommended apparel and accessory items that Blair would advise any fashionable woman to wear.

Blair Eadie Collabs with Neiman Marcus


FashionWeek Daily conducted an interview with Blair in 2015 where she talked in detail about launching her blog. She shared that when she began bloggers such as herself were becoming increasingly popular with readers due to Blair freely sharing her personal style with them. She confessed that Atlantic-Pacific came to be after her partner began photographing her daily outfits. Blair credited the name Atlantic-Pacific to the fact that her family moved frequently when she was growing up, as her father was in the military.

Having lived on both coasts is what Blair credits for helping her develop the personal fashion style she adheres to today. She confessed that her style has evolved because when she lived on the west coast it was difficult to embrace winter and summer trends without experiencing a change in seasons. Now that she lives in New York, she is better able to embrace each season from a fashion perspective.

Blaire Eadie Is The Most Successful Fashion Blogger


As of 2015, Blair was working as the director of merchandising for Tory Burch. Blair’s department is small leather items and handbags in which she works just as closely with product developers as she does with buyers. She said that running her own fashion blog while working full time allows her to balance the demands of both obligations. Blair has been referred to as “one of the most successful fashion bloggers in the world,” by Erin Busbee of the BusbeeStyle blog.

Interior designers such as Catherine Kwong admire Blair’s fashion sense so much that Kwong created and shared what Blair recommends women keep in their closets based on what she keeps in hers. This includes a turtleneck sweater and boyfriend jeans.

Most Successful Fashion Blogger m: Blair Eadie

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In 2016 Blair teamed up with Barbour to design the Timeless Originals collection, which is exclusive to Bloomingdales. The collaboration worked well because Barbour understands Blair’s take on style. Blair has been spotted on the streets of New York City wearing many of the collection's pieces, including jackets and crew neck sweaters. The unique collaboration between Blair and Barbour is that the brand’s menswear team created the Timeless Originals collection. The idea was to give women’s clothing a man’s touch. Blair said that she understands the concept and feels the collection was designed based on the pieces of men’s clothing that women enjoy wearing. 

Most Successful Fashion Blogger : Blair Eadie

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Blair’s passion for her blog and her day job shine through in everything that she does and every appearance that she makes. As she continues to conquer the fashion world she is likely to keep becoming an even more influential part of the industry than she already is. Atlantic Pacific is a widely read blog in which young women can find their voice and perfect the art of expressing themselves through their personal style. Blair continues to charm her readers and to keep them on their toes with her constant efforts to further the fashion industry and her role in it. This inspiring young woman is serving as a role model for women all over the world.


Fans can follow Blair on her many social media pages:

  • She has 949,000 Instagram followers at blaireadiebee 
  • Her Facebook page can be found @atlanticpacificblog
  • Blair has more than 130,000 followers on Bloglovin as Atlantic-Pacific
  • Over 145,000 people follow her on Pinterest at AtlanticPacific
  • Over 54,000 Twitter users follow her @BlairEadieBEE
  • On her YouTube channel at Blair Eadie ATLANTIC PACIFIC she regularly posts videos from cities she travels to for work or pleasure.

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