Beatrice Valli is best known for her appearance on the Italian TV program Uomin e Donne (Men and Women). Since then, she has become a controversial social media personality and has gotten into fashion. Let’s take a look at the 21-year-old mother and business woman who has caused quite a stir online.

Beatrice Valli

Uomini e Donne

Uomini e Donne, which started as a talk show where a couple would tell their story, has evolved into an Italian program very similar to our dating shows here in the states. A star (in this case, they call the protagonist the tronista) has a number of suitors that they whittle down to one that will be chosen to be their boyfriend/girlfriend.

In 2014, Marco Fantini, an ex-suitor on the program, was the one doing the choosing. According to various sites, Beatrice, a suitor on the program, was the subject of much controversy. She had just come off a divorce not long before and had a child at home. Dreams of becoming a model, and her attitude on the show made audiences wonder about her motives for appearing. In the end, she was chosen and is still with Fantini. She is currently expecting her first child with him.

Even years after her stint on the program ended, controversy still follows as people have taken aim at her for various social media posts, and there’s been speculation about her relationship with her sister. She’s even faced some comments about her appearance and whether her lips are real. Through it all, she keeps flashing a smile on Instagram and keeps pushing forward with her business plans.

From Dreams of Modeling to Owning a Line

Beatrice Valli

Beatrice is the face and name behind Capsule, an Italian swimwear line. The collection is a mix of one-piece suits and bikinis that are flashy and fun. They feature both traditional and strapless versions that are bold, bright mix of colors. Most feature a plain top and colorful bottom combo.

In addition to the suits, there are also a couple of other items in the line. One is the princess dress, which has an elegant, yet flirty look that is perfect for covering up some for a beach party. The other piece is the Night and Day dress that is a daring pink number that looks light and comfortable.

Social Stardom

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Between her appearance on Uomini e Donne and the headlines she has generated (plus her eye for swimwear), it’s no wonder she’s become a major influencer. She has over a million followers on Instagram, where she goes by @vallibeatrice. Followers are given an inside look at her life, relationship, and adventures. She also partners with brands like Garnier to promote their sun protection products.

Beatrice Valli's Info

Nationality: Italian

Age: 21

Profession: Actress  

Facebook: Beatrice Valli

Twitter: @valli_beatrice


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