Meet Fashion Influencer: Blair Eadie

Atlantic-Pacific is a blog written by Blair Eadie, who has worked in the fashion industry since 2007 when she became a Gap merchandiser. This inspired her to go on three years later and create her now very popular fashion blog in which she could make her contributions to the industry. She wanted to add her perspective to conversations about fashion. 

Since the start of her career, Blair has worked with major brands such as Sephora, Gucci and Cover Girl, among others. Fans of Blair’s have been able to see her appear in women’s magazines such as Harper’s Bazaar, Vogue and Elle.

Styling Suggestions From Blair Eadie

The range of topics covered on Atlantic-Pacific includes outfit suggestions, clothing styles for the fall season and Blair’s general thoughts and opinions on fashion. Skilled at telling a story using words and pictures Atlantic-Pacific is the blog to read for women all over the world.

Blair has shared her experience of searching for just the right wedding dress with her readers, allowing them to benefit in their own wedding dress searches. Photos of Blair modeling various wedding dresses in New York City are one of the most recent additions to her blog.

Fans that want to follow Blair and Atlantic-Pacific on social media can easily do so. The blog’s Facebook page can be found @atlanticpacificblog, where it has over 216,000 followers. She can also be found on Twitter @BlairEadieBEE, where she has more than 54,000 site members following her. In addition, Blair’s Instagram page can be found @blaireadiebee, where she has 976,000 followers. The Pinterest page for the blog can be found @atlanticpacific and has over 146,000 followers. Fans can also choose to follow Blair on Bloglovin’ @atlanticpacific and can view her YouTube channel at Blair Eadie Atlantic Pacific. Her YouTube channel allows fans to watch her visiting some of her favorite New York City shops and follow her travels throughout the country.

Blair Eadie's Inspiration For Atlantic-Pacific

Having relocated from San Francisco, where she grew up, to New York City, Blair finds inspiration for her blog surrounding her every day. This ridiculously busy woman doesn’t stop from sunrise to sunset. As she still works in fashion merchandising, she spends much time balancing her life between her passion for her work and her passion for her blog. Her evenings are spent editing her blog and preparing new entries for her readers.


As a major influencer in the fashion industry, Blair continuously works to share her passion with others. By inspiring women all over the world, Blair has helped create a world of strong females that want to make a difference in their chosen industry as much as Blair wants to make a difference in hers. She gives her honest advice and opinions for women who are juggling their daily responsibilities. Blair understands the struggle that women face and does her best to make the struggle less of a burden for them. As Blair continues to share her passion with the world it is likely her blog will keep growing in popularity and readership.


Fun Facts About Blair Eadie

  • Blair was born outside of Washington D.C.
  • She lived in Florida several times
  • Attended the University of Florida
  • Blair is the director of merchandising for handbags and small leather goods at Tory Burch
  • One word to describe her style is: feminine