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Annabelle Fleur - A Fashion Blogger You Need To Know


Viva Luxury is a popular fashion blog written by Annabelle Fleur. She began working in the fashion industry with Elisa Ferare, a Hollywood based designer. Ferare inspired Fleur to launch her own fashion blog and the rest is history. Anabelle has stated that she wants those who are as passionate about fashion as she is to read her blog.

Annabelle gives advice to her readers on how to create the perfect outfit for any holiday party or gathering. She acknowledges the fact that holiday gatherings often require formal wear, but can require casual wear instead. With that in mind, Annabelle is chock full of advice for her readers regardless of whether they want to dress casual or fancy for the holidays.



Style Crush Annabelle Fleur


Social Media Following

Readers of Viva Luxury can and should follow the blog as well as Annabelle on social media.

  • The @vivaluxuryblog Instagram account has over 500,000 followers.
  • The blog’s Twitter account can be found @vivaluxury, where it has over 12,000 followers and growing.
  • On Facebook, Viva Luxury can be found @VivaLuxury-Style-Blog with more than 700,000 followers.
  • Viva Luxury can also be found on Bloglovin’ @vivaluxury, where over 41,000 people follow it.
  • Fans can also head to Lookbook to follow Annabelle and Viva Luxury, where over 41,000 fans already follow this talented blogger.



Style Inspo: Annabelle Fleur

Annabelle regularly models today’s hottest styles and boldest colors. She is not afraid to make a statement through her love of fashion and her desire to help women all over the world dress in a way that gives them the confidence they need to conquer the world.


Fans who may be wondering how the Viva Luxury blog got its name may be interested to know that Annabelle chose it because she feels there is a special meaning behind the word luxury. She feels that luxury equals quality and comfort, something she thinks everyone should incorporate into their daily outfits. Annabelle feels that the trendy outfits of today should be both comfortable and high quality. 


She also considers jeans a luxury clothing item and loves that designers are embracing the idea of colored jeans. Annabelle wears denim as a general rule of thumb and she appreciates those that are high quality and have a unique style to them that jeans didn’t in the past.



California Blogger Annabelle Fleur


The refreshing take on fashion that Annabelle has always possessed may be due to her upbringing in California, where she moved when she was 14 years old, having been born and lived in Latvia previously. While her fashion style when she lived in Latvia consisted of layers on top of layers her move to California changed her wardrobe.


She began living an easygoing and carefree life that wasn’t possible in Latvia. Her style and fashion preferences fell in line with her new home and inspired her to design her own fashions after a lifelong desire to do so. Annabelle started her blog to share her love of fashion with the world but now also shares her love of life with her many interested readers.