Anna LeaGerman fashion blogger Anna-Lea Popp runs the widely successful Fashion HippieLoves, which covers topics such as beauty, fashion, travel, lifestyle and interior design, all of which Anna has a passion for.

The beauty section of the blog includes advice from Anna on seasonal styles, her preferred fragrances, skin care products, lipstick and more. In the fashion section she covers travel essentials, wedding attire and fashion shows. In the travel section Anna uses her extensive knowledge to rate and review hotels she has stayed at throughout the world.

Anna uses the lifestyle section of her blog to give fans and readers a glimpse into her personal life. This includes photos from her wedding, recipes she enjoys making and even the construction of her new home. It also includes her experience at events such as Milan Fashion Week. The interior design section really shows the passion Anna has for it. She gives her ideas on home décor and shows her readers how to make their home cozy. During the holiday season she even shares her home decorating tips with her readers.

Fashion Hippie Loves

Fashion Hippie Loves

What once was nothing more than a hobby for Anna is how she now makes her living. Readers around the world follow her blog eagerly anticipating new posts in which she shares her wisdom on fashion and beauty. Anna serves as an inspiration for women of all ages who want to make their dreams come true by doing something they love and getting paid for it.

Anna Takes Over Instagram

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Like most bloggers, Anna uses her social media profiles to give her fans and readers easy access to her thoughts and opinions. She can be found on Instagram @fashionhippielovers, where she has 947,000 followers. In fact, she was named as one of the 12 German Instagram members that people all over the world should follow. In 2016 she was named #36 of the top 50 online influencers on social media. She can also be found on Twitter @FashionHippie, where she has over 8,000 followers, a number that grows every day.

While Anna doesn’t use as many social media sites as many of her peers do, she still makes it easy for her fans to keep track of everything she is doing. Fans eagerly await new social media posts that tell them everything from when her blog has been updated to any upcoming travel she plans on documenting and sharing.

German Fashion Blogger

Anna Lea Fashion

Throughout Germany and beyond, Anna Lea Popp has made quite the name for herself in the fashion and beauty industries. She continues to inspire women around the world as she shows them her ideas on style, travel and anything else she finds relevant to the lives of the fans that love her the most.

There is no doubt that Anna will continue to be influential and her blog will continue to grow in popularity. Its power to reach readers worldwide speaks to the excellent job Anna does at maintaining the blog and keeping readers interested.