Swedish Bombshell, Angelica Blick Has Taken Over Social Media

At 26 years old Angelica Blick has already made a name for herself as a fashionista, designer and blogger. She has been running her blog since August of 2009 and has received honors such as the Vixen, Chic and Vecko Revyn Blog Awards. She is now among Europe’s biggest influencer on social media. Her fans are women from all over the world and they have shown her an unfailing loyalty.

Keeping Up With Angelica Blick's Daily Blogs

Angelica’s fans can read all of her blog posts dating back to when she started. Each post is filled with fashion tips and advice as well as photos of some of the most popular styles and pieces in any trendy woman’s wardrobe today. Thanks to collaboration with Glitter, Angelica’s blog is filled with advice on the best outfits and accessories for occasions such as New Year's’ Eve.

At the end of 2016, Angelica went on tour to promote BIKBOK, her newest collection. During the tour she met and chatted with fans in Norway and Finland as well as Sweden. Previously, she collaborated with Nelly.com to sell fashionable, trendy clothes that any woman can look and feel great wearing.

Angelica Blick Is Taking Over Social Media

Following Angelica is easy to do since she is so active and influential on social media sites. She has her own YouTube channel with over 28,000 subscribers on which her fans can watch her model her latest pieces while strolling through her home city of Stockholm. Fans can follow her on Instagram @angelicablick, along with the more than one million who already do. Angelica is on Twitter @angelica_blick.

She can also be found on Facebook @blick.angelica. By following her on Facebook fans can be sure they won’t miss new blog posts and Vlog entries. Angelica shared her experiences at 2016’s New York Fashion Week via several Vlogs.

Angelica’s life is an open book and her fans can even view a Vlog that includes a tour of the apartment she lives in. Other Vlogs by Angelica include makeup tutorials focusing on how to apply eye makeup. Her makeup tutorials have been done in conjunction with Maybelline, using their line of Rock Nudes palettes.

As an influential member of social media, Angelica uses any medium she can to get information out to her readers and her fans. She has captured the hearts of women all over the world by serving as an inspiration to them. The diversity of her fan base speaks to exactly how well she connects with people from all walks of life. Her blog posts and fashion tips are meant to benefit anyone and everyone who reads them. If she continues to influence people on social media as much as she has in the past she will likely make a huge difference in the fashion industry and inspire other bloggers to find their passions and share them with the world. Angelica serves as a role model for women who want to look and feel their best at all time, knowing they have the confidence to express themselves to others.

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