At just 26 years old, Andy Torres is already well known in Mexico as a fashion model and TV personality. She now lives in New York City, where she runs her blog, Style Scrapbook.


Andy’s Many Accomplishments


Andy has accomplished more than many people twice her age. She was previously a Glamour Magazine freelance editor. In addition, she has won several awards for her blog. In 2012, Style Scrapbook was voted as the year’s best business blogger, as she sells her own merchandise through her blog.


She has also had many TV hosting gigs, such as a Latin American program called Click and as a judge in the Elle Mexico Desina series that aired on E! Entertainment Television. She also hosted several episodes of series called Monki Television, and hosted a behind the scenes show for the 2012 Mango Summer/Spring fashion show.


Style Scrapbook


The most unique section of Style Scrapbook is the section called “Inside My Head.” This is where Andy gives her readers a glimpse of the things on her mind and the places she has been. It also shows her own personal style of clothing and accessories. She has even shared photos from her birthday celebrations in her blog, including photos of her celebrating her birthday in Paris.


Net Worth


Because of all of her professional accomplishments, Andy has a net worth of $1.4 million. Through her hosting gigs, freelance work and extremely successful blog she has been able to earn more than many others in her industry.


What Is Her Weight And Measurements




Dress size: unknown

Breasts-Waist-Hips: 43-unknown-unknown

Shoe-Feet: unknown

Bra size: 34B

Cup size: B

Height: 5’10

Weight: 116 lbs


Social Media Use


Like most people her age, Andy is active on social media. Her Instagram can be found @stylescrapbook, which has 753,000 followers. Fans can also follow her on Twitter @stylescrapbook, where over 72,000 users already do. She can also be found on Facebook @StyleScrapbookAndy, which has 1,781,704 followers. Her Pinterest page can be found @astylescrapbook, where over 44,000 members follow her and her blog.


 Instagram: @stylescrapbook

Twitter: @stylescrapbook

Facebook: @StyleScrapbookAndy

Pinterest: @astylescrapbook


Andy has enjoyed a stunning amount of success in her 26 years. She is driven, ambitious, smart, honest and real. These are all qualities her many fans admire her for.


By maintaining her blog, Andy is providing hope and inspiration for countless women who dream of following in her footsteps. She has shown that a woman can accomplish anything she sets her mind to, regardless of how old she is.


There is no doubt that Andy will continue to have an amazingly successful career and blog. Her drive to make it popular all over the world has her adding amazing content every chance she gets. With an award winning blog, it is easy to see why Andy is so popular among fans. She is a breath of fresh air for many young women that need someone to look up to. Andy has set the bar high for women to succeed.