It’s no secret that people are turning their social media into an income source. These days, there are tons of people out there working with brands, producing engaging content that pays, or turning their fame into other business ventures. Everyone’s story is unique, though, and Andrea is one of the true inspirational stories on the network.

Andrea Marmolejo

She’s now not only a major Colombian influencer, but she’s also get some other things going on thanks to her decision to get online. Let’s learn more about this inspirational figure who is empowering her followers to work toward their dreams.

Colombian Blogger

Andrea didn’t set out to become a big time social influencer. She actually just enjoyed making videos with her friends, as she mentioned in an interview with Zoom Magazine. Her friends loved what she was doing, but it wasn’t until another friend suggested trying to make it her career that she decided to give social media stardom a try. Mostly, she says she did it out of a need for money, as she was new to Columbia and had no work.

It was a big gamble, but it paid off for her. In less than two years, she’s attracted tons of followers and has generated a lot of opportunities for herself.

YouTube Vlogger

Andrea’s fun, frank style has appealed to her Instagram audience, who tune in to see her take on pretty much any topic you can think of. She speaks on relationships, music, travel, and a lot more. There are no slick production values and cutesy setups here. Her videos are the style almost anyone could do right from their own home, and she has an infectious, animated style that draws people in.

Andrea Marmolejo

This laid back style attracted enough people to get her noticed by big brands and more. While some of these endorsements are done in the same laid-back style, others are done with eye-catching photos that are worthy of almost any magazine.  She is a regular promoter of agua bendita, for one. Post after post on her Instagram shows off their various styles. She also has talked about favorite beauty products and places.

One side effect of social media fame is the opportunities she’s been given as a reporter, writing columns for #RevistaNueva. One of these was talking about relationships and social media. There’s also been gigs with ESPN and being part of a Women’s Weekend conference where she discussed her story and empowering herself through social media.

Andrea Marmolejo Instagram

With over two hundred thousand people following her in Instagram, it’s clear that she’s discovered what works. Between her mix of casual videos and sophisticated photography, her @andreamarmolej followers are always looking for more.

  • Nationality: Colombian
  • Career: Journalist
  • YouTube: Andrea Marmolejo

She’s taken the secrets she’s learned and turned it into an online Redes Famosas class that will teach how to use Instagram to build your business or get some social media fame to open doors for yourself. She teaches how to use ads, how to make create content, and finding your target audience.

You can also see some more videos on her YouTube channel, Andrea Marmolejo, or check out her old Twitter account to see more about where she started. That’s @andreamarmolej.

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