Icovetthee is a fashion based website featuring stylish outfits. It is run by a woman named Alix Coburn who has a passion for makeup and skin care products. This inspired her to create her very successful blog.

I Covet Thee



Alix has stated that the reason she created icovetthee is that she spent an entire year reading other blogs as well as following vlogs on YouTube. Seeing so many ideas from other bloggers inspired her to create her own. After graduating from college she found herself with enough free time on her hands to pursue a blog full time. Though she originally meant for it to just be a hobby it blossomed into much more.

She has also confessed that when she was thinking of a name for the blog, she didn’t yet know what she wanted it to focus on. Having chosen the name of the blog before the topics she’d include, she chose icovetthee because she wanted the blog to be about everything she wants in life. 

Now that icovetthee is so successful, Alix enjoys hearing from her readers as they share their own ideas about beauty and fashion with her. An exchange of knowledge and ideas between Alix and her readers is what makes the blog so enjoyable for everyone.

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Alix makes it a point to only feature products on her blog that she would purchase herself. When it comes to the subject matters for each post, she admits that there are times when she plans ideas out in advance and times when she simply writes about whatever is on her mind.

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Icovetthee includes sections for beauty, style/lifestyle, food and travel. The beauty section includes products that Alix recommends to her readers. It also includes tips on hair care and much more. The style section includes photos of outfits that she wears often. The lifestyle section includes advice for dressing for date nights. In the food section, Alix shares drinks and dishes that she enjoys and recommends to her readers. The travel section of the blog features photos from places she has visited.

  • Age: 25 years old
  • Birthday: June 25th
  • Nationality: English

Alix and icovetthee can be followed on social media. The Instagram page can be found @icovetthee, and has 182,000 followers. The Twitter account can be found @Icovetthee, and has 62.9 thousand followers. The Facebook page can be found @ICovetThee, and has 11,093 followers.

I covet thee

With such a popular blog, Alix has carved out a place for herself in the world of fashion bloggers. Icovetthee is a fun blog for readers to follow and one that is always honest with its readers. Alix has a sincere desire to help women around the world develop their own personal style. Her well rounded blog attracts readers from all walks of life and has proven itself to be valuable to those who read it. The future looks bright for Alix and icovetthee, as she continues to connect with her readers by providing them with honest opinions and recommendations for the best of everything in life.

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