At the age of 29, Alexandra Pereira is a travel and fashion blogger who runs Lovely Pepa. She's been writing it since 2009 and mainly takes her readers on a virtual ride through her travels, which include cities all over the world. Before she hit on the idea of creating her blog, she had aspirations of being a lawyer. However, she found that she enjoyed expressing herself through her blog.

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Lovely Pepa has been steadily gaining followers since it was first launched. The blog covers topics related to lifestyle and fashion. In the lifestyle section she discusses beauty, décor and her travel experiences. Many of the beauty related entries give readers a glimpse of Alexandra's personal views on the subject. The décor related entries give her thoughts on how to prepare one's home for the holidays. She also personally recommends outfits her readers can wear to work in an office. Much of the fashion section of Lovely Pepa addresses the many runway shows she has attended around the world. She shares videos from events such as Milan and New York Fashion weeks.

The fashion section of the blog includes styles she has worn and recommended from 2010 to 2017. Readers can check this section to get a good idea of Alexandra's personal sense of style so that they can take parts of it and make it their own.

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Lovely Pepa has been so successful that Alexandra now has a net worth of $500,000. This is no doubt in part due to her intelligence and the success she has had in a competitive industry. Only time will tell if her net worth continues to increase. Alexandra owns her own online shop where she curates from her own travel experiences with a bohemian aesthetic. 

Alexandra Pereira

Alexandra Pereira's Bio

Birthday: April 13

Age: 29

Nationality: Spanish

Instagram: @lovelypepa

Twitter: @LovelyPepa

YouTube: @lovelypepa


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Having a significant net worth at such a young age Alexandra has already reached a level of success many other women aspire to. Her blog and YouTube channel have grown extremely popular and have many fans who follow both and eagerly await for them to be updated.

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Due to having been able to travel the world, Alexandra is very cultured and has developed an amazing sense of style over the years. No matter where she goes she is known for adjusting her personal style to fit the local culture of anyplace she happens to be visiting. She makes it a point to share what she has learned by traveling the world, so that her fans can get a feel for what her life is like. A refreshingly honest blogger, Alexandra has struck a chord with many fans. She continues to serve as a constant inspiration for woman around the world of all ages.

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