Aleali May

There is a lot that goes into making a successful career, no matter what field you get into It’s a combination of passion to do the work, the drive to make it happen, the right time and place, as well as the right people. It seems like this style influencer has all that and then some.

Part of that great timing that helps people make that dream come true is listening to one’s own instincts. That’s what Aleali did following the end of her college career in Chicago. Read on to learn more about that chance decision that helped change the course of her life, and see where to follow her online.

Aleali May

This 25-year-old influencer has one of the other important elements to making a dream reality: a great attitude. In one of her multiple features/interviews with, she talked about how she never really recognized any limits and she drew off the ambitious energy of the people she surrounded herself with back home. In fact, she mentions how one in particular is the reason she started the blog that would get her online fame.

She also discussed her parent’s opposing fashion senses that helped inform her own, and how she listened to her gut and chose her hometown when she was considering what to do after she graduated from college. From there, she almost immediately got a job with an online connection and things progressed from there. Look her up on the website mentioned above to learn even more about her.

Fashion Blogger

On the about page of, she credits herself as working with companies such as Louis Vuitton and RSVP Gallery Chicago. Her eye for fashion and unique looks would get her work with other brands such as NIKE and Adidas, as well as her gig styling Kendrik Lamar for a tour.


Her blog features her unique take on fashion, her favorite beauty finds, and her favorites in the entertainment world. She also documents her travels, taking her readers to fashion week in Paris. She was there to see a 2018 men’s collection and documented it with a photo collection.

In the events section, another photo essay captured a pop-up shop she went to early this year. She also shows the importance of reflection and gratitude in one of the only photo essays on her site to include some text. She took her readers on a visual journey into her 2016 and expressed her gratitude for all the opportunities and people that helped shape her year.

Aleali May

Aleali May Age

  • Age: 25 years old
  • Birthday: July 10th
  • Profession: Image Consultant and Model

Like most young influencers, you’ll mostly see her in Instagram (@alealimay). Her over 180 thousand followers are treated to eye-catching photos of her street style, a mix of feminine and masculine style that suits her well. She is a woman of few words on the site, letting the clothes and vibe of the shot speak for itself, although she does celebrate being in an ad for a brand she once coveted as a kid.

On twitter, you ca join over 17 thousand followers who are being inspired by her style at @AlealiMay. She also shares inspirational passages on the platform.

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