An Inspirational Fashion Blogger/Interior Designer 

Aimee Song is an interior design and fashion blogger with a passion for style. She is popular with YouTuber users, as her channel shows them how to complete DIY projects and inspires them to design their own unique style.

Advice From Aimee Song

She wrote a book called Capture Your Style in which she shares with her readers the best ways to effectively use their Instagram photos to tell their life story. Aimee shares her insider tips for establishing an Instagram feed and gaining loyal followers. Tips include advice on subjects such as décor, travel and fashion.

Song advises her readers on the best apps to use for photo editing and the Instagram filters they can benefit from the most. She also gives advice on how to set up visually appealing photos of food, clothing, accessories and more. She shares her secrets for building a brand using Instagram and even for turning a hobby shared on Instagram into a career. Aimee’s Instagram account @songofstyle has four million followers.

Other sites Aimee is popular on include Lookbook, where she has over 11,000 followers. She is also followed by 67,000 million people @AIMEESONG on Twitter. At 29 years old she has already enjoyed quite a bit of fame. Her road to becoming an interior designer started when she studied the subject until she discovered her passion for all things fashion and realized that other young women needed a leader like her in the industry.

The Launch of Fashion Blog, Song of Style

While she was working and studying in the interior design industry she launched her fashion blog, known as Song of Style. Though the blog was originally created for her to share her knowledge of and passion for decor with the world she quickly realized that a personal blog concerning fashion would draw in a significantly higher number of readers. Aimee has said that her blog represents her personality and her flair for mixing and matching various styles. She briefly entertained the idea of becoming a fashion designer due to the interest in her blog. Aimee has credited her interior design job with making her blog so interesting and appealing to a nation of women.

Song of Style is packed full of posts showing Aimee’s day-to-day life. Subjects of her posts also include advice on how to prepare for holidays, birthdays and other events. Aimee even created a campaign in honor of her 30th birthday that raised money to help provide people living in India with water that is clean and safe to drink. She was inspired to do so after visiting India and seeing for herself how dirty the local drinking water was. As part of the campaign Aimee agreed to match donations in the hopes of raising at least $30,000 for the cause. Whenever she can, Aimee uses her blog to make a difference in the world and to help those who need it the most but are the least likely to get it.

Her blog is divided into categories covering beauty, outfits, travel, interior design and Fashion Week in both New York and Paris. In each of these categories her readers will find tips for getting the most out of life and looking great while doing it.

Thanks to the popularity of Song of Style among readers, the blog has a Facebook page @songsofstyle as well as a Pinterest page and a YouTube channel.

The blog has become so popular it now has its own e-commerce store called Two Songs, which Aimee launched with her sister. The online store sells clothing that is made in California. Two Songs employees those living in the community that may have otherwise struggled to find a fair paying job.

Aimee Song keeps a photo diary for readers of The diary follows her through a typical day in her life with pictures to go with each entry. She advises on the best makeup to wear for a day in the office or a night out on the town.

In 2014 Aimee invited Elle Magazine to tour her home in Los Angeles. A photo tour of her home was posted on Instagram, showing Aimee’s living room, dining room and bedroom. The year prior, she had been a guest blogger on Elle’s website.

Aimee Songs Collaboration With Havaiana

As a fashion blogger, Aimee joined forces with New York City shop Havaianas to celebrate the redesign of the retailer’s pop up shop. As a result she spoke to the Huffington Post about her preferences when it comes to flip-flops.

Aimee said that flip-flops with patterned bottoms can be worn for many occasions when paired with the right jewelry and jacket. She compared the fashion styles of people who live in New York and people who live in Los Angeles, noting that in L.A. people wear more colors than they do in New York. She named some of her favorite brands as J. Crew and H&M. She also said that the secret to running a successful blog is to do it for the right reasons as opposed to doing it to get rich and famous.

This speaks to the fact that Aimee is still down to earth despite all the fame she enjoys in her career. Through her many talents she has inspired a nation of women to take charge of their closets and create their own unique style that truly expresses who they are and how they see the world.

Aimee is not afraid to share with the world the secrets to becoming successful in the fashion and design industries. She is a trailblazer when it comes to women in business and has successfully struck deals with those in the industry that understand and appreciate her unique take on it.

Additional Info

  • Aimee started her blog Song of Style at 2008 while studying Interior Architecture
  • Her original plan was to post for interior designs.
  • She changed course when outfit blog mainstreamed and garnered positive response.
  • She was born on December 10, 1986
  • She is a native of Los Angeles, California
  • Aside from her own Song of Style blog, she and her sister also owns the Two Songs, an online clothing store.

    Net Worth $500,000

    Her income is sizable, at a salary of $150,000 per year. She specializes in fashion blogging and interior design, and has snagged collaborations with popular companies such as Piperlime and Botkier. She is said to charge $50,000 per collaboration.

    Balancing her day job with her blogging efforts has helped Aimee become a success at a young age. Her motivation for blogging is to impart her knowledge to her fans and help them discover their own sense of self-worth. Aimee Song will likely continue to inspire young women all over the world with her efforts to change the fashion industry.


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