When Aida Domenech began keeping a blog back in 2009, she was merely doing it as a hobby. She is now an established and popular fashion blogger and the mastermind behind Dulceida, which is full of fashion tips and Aida’s personal style choices. She has been recognized during Berlin Fashion Week for running the Best Style Fashion Blog. 

Aida Domenech

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Regularly updated, Dulceida is where Aida shares news with her readers about what she has been up to and where she has been up to it. She travels all over the world for work, most recently to Barcelona, in her home country of Spain. She often gives her impressions of the locales she has visited, alongside her equally beautiful and well-traveled wife. Aida makes it a point to include blog posts designed to lure her readers back in for more of her adventures.

Many of Aida’s fans and followers are just as talented artists as she is a talented fashion blogger. In fact, a portion of her blog is dedicated to drawings others have done of her. Each drawing depicts the artist’s view of Aida.

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In addition, another portion of her blog is dedicated to videos of her travels as well as commercials she has filmed for brands such as Rimmel and Swarovski. Aida enjoys sharing personal preferences with her readers and even includes in her blog a list of her favorite fellow fashion bloggers.

Fashion Blogger Tips

Fans of Aida are aware that she is known for her trademark red lips and stylish hair. Though Aida refers to herself as an amateur in the fashion industry, her fans can see that she anything but. It has been revealed that Aida frequently browses the Internet to get inspiration for her own personal fashion choices, which include hats and tomboy style outfits. 


Aida is also the proud recipient of at least nine tattoos on various parts of her body. On her back she has a heart tattoo and just below her breast she has another tattoo that simple says “happiness,” and another one that says “brave,” in triplicate. Other unique tattoos Aida sports include spiders (despite her fear of them,) the New York skyline and a bird.

Dulceida YouTube


More than just a blogger, Aida is also active on social media. She can be found on Instagram @dulceida, where she has 1.9 million followers. She can also be found on Twitter @AidaDomenech, where she has 195,000 followers. Aida has a Facebook page as well, which can be found @dulceiadablog, where she has 213,445 followers. And last but not least, her YouTube channel can be found @Dulceida, which has 1,339,628 subscribers and features many makeup challenges and other similar videos. 

  • Age: 27 years old
  • Born: Spain
  • Height: 5'5"
  • Spouse: Alba Paul Ferrer


As an active fashion blogger, Aida has shared many of her life experiences with her readers as well as the outfits that have come along with each one. Her travels throughout the world have made her a popular blogger to follow, as fans can see the country through her eyes.

Aida is always at some exotic country with her partner Alba. Shop our favorite one piece bathing suits and enjoy the endless days of summer like Dulceida:

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