It’s a New Year, which means leaving the old behind and ringing in the new. That includes your wardrobe. Who wants to start a brand new year in 2015’s hand-me-downs?


cleaning out my closet

Where to Start You Ask?

Unfortunately, cleaning out your closet can be a daunting task. But it doesn’t have to be! Here are some tips on things to get rid of from the get-go. Remember, if you only keep the things that you love, you’ll never stand in front of an overstuffed closet with a case of

“I have nothing to wear” ever again!

1) Fat-day clothes. Keeping them is practically waving a white flag to weight gain, and putting out the welcome mat for cellulite.

2) Clothes that require you to suck in your gut.

3) Shoes that pinch your feet or give you blisters.

4) Clothes that make you want to rip it off (and not in a seductive way) the second you put it on.


clothes on dog - funny

5) Clothes made from fabric that make strangers want to pet you.

6) Shirts with sequins, beads, excessive embroidery, or that otherwise make you look like a professional figure skater.


7) Pants that show your underwear (or worse, butt crack) when you bend over.

8) Swimwear that’s so old it’s about to disintegrate. We know where you can find a new bikini! (Hint, hint!)


Agua Bendita Bikini Set 2016

9) Skirts that when you sit down, a sizeable portion of your bare thighs touch the chair.

10) Jeans that cut off your circulation at the knees when you sit down.

11) Belts that don’t match any of the shoes you own.

12) Anything that’s seen better days. That means clothes that have faded, frayed, or bear red wine stains.


wine stain picture


13) Shirts with a button missing for more than a month. It’s a sign you don’t care enough about it to be bothered to fix it.

14) You only need a few ‘home’ outfits. Donate the rest.

15) Anything from another era in your life. You graduated university, stopped going to clubs and quit the track club years ago. Time to get rid of the clothes from those times, too.


disco clothes - Fashion


16) Anything that someone bought for you that you never wore, because it wasn’t your style.

17) Anything that reminds you of an ex.

18) Pants with thin spots in the knee, butt or crotch. Because one day, the fabric WILL rip, and you WILL be somewhere important.


fashion with ripped jeans


19) Anything you wouldn’t want to be seen wearing when you inevitably bump into “the one that got away” at the grocery store.

20) And last but not least anything that’s itchy!