For all of the fun and adventure that you're looking for, it only makes sense that you're going to look for it in the best brands out there, right?  Then it makes sense to go for the best of the best, Frankies Bikinis.  This is a well established brand that is ready to help you break into your best fashion year yet with all sorts of great outfits that are ready to push you into a whole new dimension, one piece at a time. 

So, if we've got your attention, take a look at five very stylish examples of what this designer swimwear brand can offer you and your unique fashion sense.

frankies batik kaia top
1. Batik Kaia Top

This is an explosive blend of pattern and color that is perfect for the woman looking for a way to use pattern in all of the best ways.  It has a bandeau style, offering a fresh twist on the traditional triangle top, and will give you the perfect opportunity to show off a little skin to those that you're interested in pursuing.  Moreover, it features two thin straps that create unintentional (but fantastic) cut outs over the shoulders that turn into an elaborate and exciting twisty criss-cross bikini top.  You can already see how this is going places, right?

The best part about this style, though, is that it doesn't work to stay within the style norms of the time.  It takes the modern world seriously with style and fit, but ensures that each woman will enjoy superior style and comfort with this option.  It's just the first in a series of exciting and interesting style options.

frankies bikinis black marley top
2. Black Marley Top

This follows with a bang, there's no question.  It is a sleek and sexy black bikini top that has a high neckline and is crafted in such a way that it will show off a bit of skin without you feeling entirely exposed.  This style top is one of Frankies Bikinis signature designs that will make everyone feel as though they are a fashion star with unique and exciting style in a rich classic color.

With an exciting bare back feature, this exciting designer top is sure to become one of your wardrobe staples in the New Year to come.  The best part is that you can mix and match it with any kind of bottom you want because it's versatile and sure to make you happy in one way or another.  It's got all sorts of benefits tucked up its sleeve, so take a look at how you can harness hold of them.  A great second option for this one of a kind designer bikini brand.

frankies bikinis floral one piece
3. Floral Poppy One Piece

I know what you're pieces, how can they be new and exciting?  Well, hold onto your hats and you'll see why.  This is a richly colored one piece in a hue that you don't often get to see around.  It is one that will highlight our skin and hair, no matter what skin or hair that you are living with, making it a great and versatile style already.  

Better yet, this designer one piece has a low neckline that will give you plenty of room to show off your figure to all of those who are interested in it.  A gorgeous crochet cut out in the middle of this floral style one piece completes the outfit, making it impressive and exciting to all of those paying attention.  Lastly, a great strappy appearance is sure to impress from the back as you strut yourself around on the lovely beach. 

Still think that one pieces are just for children?

frankies bikinis marina top
4. Marina Top in Sky Blue

You've seen styles similar to this, sure, in all sorts of catalogues and with other designer brands.  But, have you ever seen such a fantastic style paired with the fact that it is in such a rich and pure sky blue color?  This is definitely a beautiful color and style because of the fact that is using all of this rich color to do the hard work for you.  This gorgeous bikini top will frame your body perfectly and will also look great with any complexion. It's perfect for color and neutral lovers alike.

This is the perfect unique bikini top because of the fact that it is so neutral and bold at the same time.  It'll perfectly serve the fashion world even if you normally would never look at this color by its name.  Explore all of the possibilities here.

frankies bikinis kaia top raspberry

5. Frankies Bikinis Kaia Top - Raspberry

Last but not least, this sexy and vibrant style that is all about showing the world you know how to have a good time. It sits low on chest and wraps tightly around, covering what it needs to cover and still maintaining its sultry edge in a quiet and exciting way.  The strings and crochet detailing on the back of it make it a great possibility for all of those looking to keep their figure looking incredible and conservative at the same time.


With a fresh color, clean lines, and modern style, there isn't a whole lot left to be desired in this fantastic designer bikini top.  So, start your new years off on the best fashion foot and use this top to get the journey started.

Fit and Fabulous

The modern fashion world is a demanding place that will not cut you a break if you are feeling as though you are having a “fat day”.  But If you want to explore the possibility of having a bikini top that does all of the work for you without feeling fat or bloated, Frankies Bikinis is the way to go.  As you can see, they advertise versatile and realistic styles that are ready to serve you in comfort and style from start to finish. See the Frankies Bikinis 2016 Collection.