Michi Will Help You Keep Your New Year's Resolution

The holidays are over and it's time to get your bikini body back. Going to the gym is an important part of keeping yourself healthy. But, for us women, an important part of going to the gym is making sure that we are wearing clothing that makes us feel and look good. It's essential in making sure that we are getting everything we can out of our trip to the gym. After all, if we can't feel good and confident while we are working out, how can we make sure our workout reaches it's full potential? This is why you need Michi Activewear in your life. All of Michi's products are of the highest quality and diverse enough that you will get all of the unique and personal touches that you are need to put together an outfit that makes you look and feel your best. Here are some of the "must haves" in their collection.


1. Michi Quasar Leggings (Plum)

 Michi Quasar Leggings


You're getting ready to start a new journey in your workout life. You need to do it in style with these gorgeous Michi Quasar Leggings. This particular pair, plum in color, are meant to be a great neutral that you can match with all of your favorite tops. The great thing about plum is that it is intended to look great with any complexion, and can be paired with bright or dark colors. As with all Michi products, you can experience the trademark 8-way stretch which allows you to move freely and never feel restricted. The mesh inserts are perfect for showing off some skin and letting fresh air in. These will keep you cool - in more ways than one - and hug your body perfectly. With the wonderful, contouring wide waistband, you can get all of the modern style that you are looking for. What a great way to start - designer leggings that move with you!


2. Michi Lagoon Amertrine Top (Blue)

Michi Lagoon Top


This is a great tank top that will give you all sorts of style. Its bright blue hue will bring out the rosy red in your cheeks, making sure you look fresh and alert. The mesh straps give you lots of access for air and movement. The mesh also provides you the look of a cutout tank without actually requiring you to show anything off. The fitted cut of this tank top hugs your natural curves while giving you all of the liberty to move exactly how you are hoping to. Whether you are going out for a jog in the park, are off to a sunset yoga class on the beach, or hopping out to the gym for a nice workout, this is a great option. You can also layer one of Michi's designer bras underneath and showing off some color - or not, if that's not your thing. Nevertheless, you are one step closer to reaching your fitness goals for the New Year. More than just helping you to achieve the perfect outfit, Michi quality is something to take pride in.


3. Michi Stardust Leggings (Blue)

Michi High Performance Leggings

For all of you cropped obsessed fashionistas, you're going to get a kick out of these Michi Stardust Leggings. The bright blue fabric turns many appreciative looks your way. These leggings hug your shape perfectly and help you move comfortably and moisture free, with the wicking that is so famous in Michi Activewear designer clothing. Equipped, like the first style, with the famous 8-way stretch, you won't have to worry about your fabulous gym outfit holding you back anymore. In fact, you'll find that they're helping you reach one step farther, all in great style. These beautiful leggings have a fine mesh stripe on the outside of each leg, giving you room to breathe and some extra style. Talk about packing a punch.


4. Michi Kali Top (Black)

 Michi Black Kali Top

For a way to break into the designer activewear on the upper half, you can look at this Michi Kali Top. Very fashion forward, and ready to help you break into a designer activewear world. This style offers you various different looks. It's cut with a long length so that you can wear it with any pair of your favorite workout leggings. The rich black hue matches everything, making versatility the keyword here. Its wide neckline gives you space to show off your collarbone. You can show off a gorgeous Michi bra and let our shoulder peep out before your arms disappear into the slimming sleeves of this style. Just by looking at this designer top, you can see how it is meant to be both fashionable and perfect for all of your activewear needs this coming year. The possibilities are endless.


5. Michi Frontier Jogger Pants (Grey)

 Michi Activewear Joggers


Lastly, no designer activewear wardrobe is complete without a pair of these grey Michi Frontier Jogger Pants. A neutral grey is just what you need for mixing and matching. This designer Michi style is fitted to your leg so a loose, but slimming fit. The waistline, equipped with a tie, is low so you can have all of the modern fit that you're looking for. The black stripe that goes down the outside of the leg, provides you with  the benefit of comfort, modern style, and totally unique attitude. With no pockets to weigh you down, these are perfect for a jog around the block, or a trip to the gym. Also sure to help you out in your daily life, there isn't any end to the designer jogger pants that Michi is offering.


It's pretty clear by all of the examples here, that Michi has everything you need to be fully equipped for all of your gym needs this year. The gym doesn't have to be a place where you are frustrated with your style or, even worse, how you look. Michi helps you look great so you can get everything - and then some - out of your workout. You'll find you are much more motivated when wearing the designer threads from Michi Activewear. It won't be long until Michi will change your world, all for the better of course while helping you to achieve your New Year's Resolution. Your health is the main goal behind what makes Michi Activewear so popular.


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