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The bikini — a two-piece swimsuit garment used ideally for swimming has come a long way since it’s invention in the late 1940’s. It was a slow start for the bikini to be adopted, but fast forward now, we have invented all the possible variations of it like the tankini, skirtkini, bandini, and the outrageous monokini. We also became creative with the fabric and had a version for every material known to human.

From using simple stretchy fabric, to cotton, to velvet, to crochet, to meat, to vegetable, to unnecessarily expensive metals and jewels we coined as bling-kini. History aside, bikini has become the go-to swimwear, sportswear, and everyday wear. This tiny piece of clothing has managed to glam up every woman in all situations — even the unexpected ones.

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Whether you feel comfortable in a bikini or not, here are four unique situations where the bikini has saved these women's day.

Works Like a Charm, Better than a Bra

Ocean lover and kitesurfer, Georgina Monti, is a certified bikini addict. She prefers wearing them instead of bras. “They are so much more comfortable and as I don't have a big bust, they're supportive enough,” she explains. She often wears them, basically, with anything and still looks awesome.

Georgina Monti

“I had a gorgeous white one-piece with a crisscross back and wore it with a red maxi skirt. It was a friend’s 40th birthday party and it looked amazing! I received compliments all night long about my outfit! I also usually wear one-pieces with jeans, high-waisted shorts with a bikini top and kimono or cardigan. Bikinis also look amazing under loose clothing. I have a loose playsuit that has a really low V-neck, so a stylish, bold bikini underneath looks gorgeous!”

-Georgina Monti

Spilled Coffee Dilemma

Even our very own bikini geek, Candice Galek, had a situation wherein you just have to do what you have to do — rock a bikini ensemble.

“Not too long ago, I had an event at Art Basel and was rushing to make it there as we had a Frankie’s bikinis photo-shoot all day. I offered to drive the models home on my way to the event. We stopped for a coffee and as one of the models was handing a cup to me, it slipped and spilled all over my white V-neck blouse! I didn't have time to change so I pulled over and put on one of the bandeau tops and some of the layered necklaces that we had been shooting and continued on to the party. Everyone at the party had no idea that my impromptu outfit was not meant to be, and I even got a lot of compliments on the Frankie’s top!”

-Candice Galek

It’s liberating!

The bikini can make you feel a lot of things. From being sexy, beautiful, confident, even luxurious, but can it liberate you? Now, that’s a new one. Sam Hayes, Marketing Manager at Road Holland Cycling Apparel felt this just by wearing her bikini on one of her most unexpected rides.

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“One hot sunny day, my friends and I decided to cycle our way to the nearest beach for an overnight camping. It was a five-hour ride and three hours in, I felt really uncomfortable under the scorching sun, as if my long-sleeved jersey shrunk, it felt so tight! I told my friends to pull over, grab their towels and do a makeshift changing room by the side of the road. I changed to my red racerback bikini and finished the ride. I felt liberated as the winds gush against my skin. My friends also changed in their bikinis, it was really fun! One of the most memorable rides for me! ”

-Sam Hayes

The Perks of Having Too Many Bikinis

Who knew having too many pairs of bikinis have its perks. Rosey Sanders, Head Of Digital at Gym And Fitness, one of Australia's largest retailer of treadmills and gym equipment, have so many bikinis she has a few in her car, in her office drawer, even in her gym locker!

Black One Piece Swimsuit

“I have a lot of bikinis. I mean a LOT. So many I’m keeping a couple in my gym locker. One time I switched bags and forgot to stock in fresh pairs of underwear and sports bra. I drove all the way to the rec center and realized I have no clean bras! I hate skipping workouts so I wore my pink halter bikini, put on a loose top and went through my workout routine. Then took a quick dip in the pool, showered, and change into my floral bandeau bikini as my underwear. Problem solved.”

-Rosey Sanders

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