How to Care for your Designer Bikini How To Care For Your Designer Bikini


1) Avoid Chlorine

Chlorine can ruin your Designer Bikini. Make sure to frequently check your pool and hot tub's chlorine content. If it is too high, the excessive amount of chlorine can break down the spandex of the swimwear, which will ruin the shape of your bikini. Also, too much chlorine can accelerate fading of the fabric.

2) Avoid Rough Surfaces

Steer clear of rough surfaces. Sitting and/or rubbing against textured pool decks and any rough edges can ruin the smooth and luxurious texture of your Bikini.

3) Be Careful with Tanning Oils and Sunscreen

Avoid getting excess lotions and oils on your swimwear. Sunscreen, tanning oils, and cosmetics can be harmful to swimsuits. Make sure to rinse and wash your swimwear as soon as possible if you do.

4) Rinse in Cold Water After Wearing

Rinse your Bikini in cold water after each wear. By rinsing your Bikini in cold water, you will help remove the excess salt and chlorine. This is an important step to take before washing.

5) Do Not Machine Wash Your Designer Bikini

Avoid washing designer bikinis in washing machines. Washing machines can ruin the shape, fabric, and padding, as well as any delicate embellishments, stones, or beading. Therefore wash your bikini by hand in cold water; warm water is acceptable too. Always use a mild soap that is meant for delicate fabrics.

6) Lay Out To Dry, Avoid Direct Sunlight Which Can Cause Fading

Gently squeeze the water out of your designer bikini after washing. Be gentle and do not wring or twist your bikini, as this could ruin its shape. Do not dry your Bikini in a dryer and do not dry it in direct sunlight. In a shaded area lay your bikini flat out to dry.

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