There's Something Special About Something Navy

Blogger extraordinaire Arielle Nachmani brings updates a casual outfit with luxurious touches.

Let’s face it; in today’s world celebrity fashion bloggers are a dime a dozen. Yet Something Navy’s Arielle has something special that puts her leaps and bounds above her peers in the fashion blogging industry. No other fashion blogger has the resume that Arielle Nachmani has. Her fashion blog has appeared in national women’s magazines such as Cosmo and Glamour. As if that isn’t impressive enough she has also collaborated with the likes of Armani and Saks, some of the top brands in the fashion industry.

Arielle Noa Charnas

After years of perseverance and hard work, in 2009 Arielle launched SomethingNavy. As a fashion savvy New Yorker who comes from a prominent family within the industry, Arielle wanted to be able to share her passion for and expertise in the world of fashion. Since then SomethingNavy has continued to grow and expand as its popularity has soared among fashion conscious individuals. It now encompasses several categories, including travel and beauty.


Unique shoes and must have purses make up her #OOTD list 

Never one to shy away from her loyal readers, Arielle takes the time to update her blog with her most recent activities and the fashions that accompanied her along the way. She is not above showing readers of her blogs pictures of herself enjoying a tropical vacation or simply posing in a designer bikini she can’t wait to share with them.

Arielle is also a woman on the go and, as such, she is happy to provide her readers with tips and guides on which pieces of clothing are essential when packing for a vacation. Her beauty tips and gift suggestions offer her readers guidance from someone who knows the fashion industry like the back of her hand.


Bright red nail polish and round sunglasses are a Summer staple.

Blog readers who need help picking out just the right outfit for any occasion also benefit from Arielle’s fashion expertise. She teaches her readers how to create an outfit that helps them look and feel as beautiful as they are. This kind of dedication and loyalty to readers is one of the many reasons that Arielle is in a class by herself when it comes to fashion bloggers.

While her blog entries are always helpful, she believes in using visual stimulation to guide her readers as well. As a result, SomethingNavy contains many useful videos where Arielle teaches her blog readers how to style their hair. Readers of her blog know that if she is recommending a particular hair style it is a trendy style.


More Than Just A Pretty Face

As much as Arielle concerns herself with fashion she also recognizes the importance of being in peak physical condition. She shows her readers exactly how to do the workouts that will help them have the best body and give them the most confidence.

The SomethingNavy Shop shows Arielle’s blog readers where they can purchase everything from dresses to shoes that have her professional approval. Arielle is dedicated to enhancing the lives of every single individual who reads her blog and follows her on social media for the best fashion advice.

Some of the categories she touches on are fabulous, there's never a shortage of interesting material.

  • Travel
  • Outfits
  • Beauty
  • Collabs


Something Navy is one of our favorite blogs to keep up with, catch up on her recent looks via her fashion blog.
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